Eisen's Mailbag: Eli Manning and Linebackers

Posted Aug 26, 2014

Senior Writer/Editor Michael Eisen answers your fan questions about #GiantsCamp

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First time submitter here. With Jon Beason still working toward getting off the PUP list, what are the thoughts on them keeping another linebacker as precaution? I've been hearing great things on Dan Fox. Could the undrafted rookie have a leg up on Mark Herzlich? Thanks!

Dear Scott,
Dan Fox, a rookie from Notre Dame, has done some good things in camp. But I don’t think he’s moved ahead of Herzlich, who gets most of his reps with the second team while Fox has worked with the threes. When the coaches decide which backup linebackers to keep on the final roster, it often comes down to who the best special teams players are. Herzlich has been a good special teamer since his arrival (he led the team with 14 special teams tackles in 2013).

Why we don´t accept that Eli Manning is decaying? In the game versus Jets he fumbled two times and if the cornerback hasn’t stepped out of bounds, he would have an intercepted ball, too. I don´t see any improvement with Eli, and if our Giants don´t change to Ryan Nassib as starter we will have a hard and long season.

Dear Marcus,
There are many ways to respond to this, but rather than be sarcastic or mean-spirited, I’ll just say I vehemently disagree with you. I don’t agree Manning is in decline (and I get to watch him every day in practice) and even if I did, it is folly to think Nassib is a better choice to lead the Giants this season. Manning is 33. He should have many good seasons remaining. Although the offense has sputtered at times this preseason, I believe Manning will have a big bounce-back season. I’m very fond of Ryan Nassib, but right now he does not have Manning’s talent or experience and does not give the Giants the best chance to win in 2014.

Why don't the Giants have any good screen pass plays in their offense? Seems like a good way to counter blitzing and slow down such types of defense.

Dear Frank,
If you were a first-time offensive coordinator introducing a system with a new team, wouldn’t you try to unveil as little of your scheme as possible in the preseason? Why give the Detroit Lions or your other early-season opponents an idea what you’re going to run? If Ben McAdoo wants to burn the Lions with a screen pass, you’re not going to run it against the Jets so Detroit’s defense can prepare for it. All of this is another way of repeating…do not judge the Giants’ offense based on what you see in the preseason. Let’s wait until the games count and we see what McAdoo calls then.

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