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Posted Mar 12, 2013's Michael Eisen answers your questions!

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There has been a lot of buzz circulating with regards to free agents on the market that the Giants are, allegedly, looking at. With guys like Charles Woodson, Steven Jackson, Daryl Smith and Aqib Talib being thrown into the mix, what are the odds that the Giants sign any of these names? With age and cap space being put into consideration, are any of these players plausible to be signed to the Giants any time soon?

Let me being with my annual disclaimer that Giants organizational policy forbids me from discussing any specific player the team might look to acquire in free agency or the draft. All I can offer is Jerry Reese’s oft-repeated line that the Giants “investigate everything.” This is apparently going to be a soft free agent market – a lot of available players and not enough teams with the money to afford them. Because of that, and given the Giants’ reported limited cap space, I think it’s unlikely the Giants will make a big early splash (beyond the announced signing yesterday of defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, a key acquisition). They’ll likely wait for the market to settle and search for good players at reasonable prices, a process that could take some time.

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