Eisen's Mailbag: Injured Reserve status?

Posted Sep 2, 2014

Senior Writer/Editor Michael Eisen answers your fan questions on the roster and IR designation.

I understand the concept of hiding a nicked-up player on injured reserve in order to keep them for the following year (especially if they are on the bubble), but why do you see players on one-year contracts being placed on IR as opposed to being waived? Wouldn't these players be free agents after this year anyway? Why not cut them now?

Dear Ben,

Because those are the rules. If a player is injured, he can’t just be released, unless he agrees to an injury settlement. Being placed on IR is often a precursor to such a settlement. But if a player is injured, he either stays on the roster, goes on IR, or reaches a settlement.

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Of the players that the Giants placed on IR, which of them do think is the most likely to be the one they will call back?

Dear Steve,

None of them yet. NFL teams are not permitted to use their IR/designated for return move until 4 p.m. To be eligible, a player must be on the 53-man roster. Each team is allowed one. None of the players the Giants placed on IR are eligible to play for them this season (see below).

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Trindon Holliday and Mario Manningham were placed on injured reserve. Can they return this season and what is the nature of injury?

Dear Robert,

Holliday had a strained hamstring and Manningham a strained calf. The only way they can come back to the Giants in 2014 is if the team reaches an injury settlement with them within five 5 business days of the player being placed on Reserve/Injured. If that doesn’t happen, then they are unavailable to the Giants for the entire 2014 season (including post season). In the absence of an injury settlement, they will remain on Reserve/Injured until they are deemed healthy. When that happens, they will be released and can sign with any other NFL club (as linebacker Dan Connor did last season, when he was waived from IR in November and signed with Carolina).


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