Eisen's Mailbag: Roster Predictions- TEs, LBs, RBs

Posted Jul 31, 2014's Michael Eisen answers fan questions!

Do you think the Giants’ starting tight end is on their current roster? If so, who is it?

Dear Jimmy:
Yes, I do believe the starting tight end is in camp. The second part of the question is more complicated. If you’re asking who is literally going to start a game, it depends on the game. If the Giants line up with three wide receivers for their first play, the answer is no tight end will start. If it’s a run, it could be one – or two –players; if it’s a pass, it could be another. Less literally, I assume you want to know who will be considered the team’s No. 1 tight end. Again, I doubt there will be such a concrete designation (though someone will be listed No. 1 on the depth; currently it’s Larry Donnell). Again, it will be a game plan/situation/play-specific scenario. It could be Donnell or Daniel Fells or Adrien Robinson or Kellen Davis or Xavier Grimble. The coaches are looking at all of them in a variety of position – on the line, as an H-back or fullback, as a receiver – and will decide who to keep and how to utilize them. The preseason games will be very interesting and important for the tight ends.

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I know that Jameel McClain is filling in as the MLB while Jon Beason is hurt. Have you heard anything about a possibility of Beason being moved to OLB (a spot he played in Carolina in 2010) when he gets back and keeping McClain at MLB? I know that Beason is usually an MLB and McClain is usually an OLB, but McClain rated as good in coverage and Beason is better vs the run. It might make sense to have the better run defender up close to the line and the better pass defender back a little further.

Dear Ryan:
No, I’ve not heard that the coaches are contemplating that move. Beason was extremely productive last season at middle linebacker, which is a natural leadership position. Beason is a team leader and I think the coaches want to keep him in the middle of the defense. And let’s not forget, McClain is a very good outside linebacker.

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Do you think that the Giants will have a new "Earth, Wind, and Fire" with Rashad Jennings starting, David Wilson playing short downs, and Andre Williams playing in the fourth quarter?

Dear Elijah:
Can we at least get to the regular season before we attach nicknames to a position group? I do think the Giants could have a versatile and productive backfield with the three players you mentioned. But I would never limit them to those specific roles. Wilson or Williams might start and be the No. 1 back in some games. Jennings is certainly capable of picking up the tough yards on short-yardage plays and any of the three can carry the ball in the fourth quarter. That’s part of what makes this trio so good.


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