Eisen's Mailbag: Roster Predictions

Posted Aug 2, 2014

Senior Writer/Editor Michael Eisen answers your fan questions!

The Giants usually keep six wideouts on the roster. The top five will probably be Cruz, Randle, Beckham, Jernigan and Manningham. But who will win the 6thwideout spot? I say maybe Talley or Holliday. What do you think ?

Dear Joe: First, keeping six wide receivers is not set in stone. As always, the number of players kept at any position is predicated on the needs elsewhere. If, for example, the Giants have to carry an extra offensive or defensive lineman because of a preseason injury, they’d have to cut a player from another group. If they do keep six, Holliday might have an advantage if he wins the kickoff and/or punt return job. The Giants could then, in essence, save a roster spot. Holliday is currently bunched with several contenders, including Julian Talley, Preston Parker, Marcus Harris and Corey Washington. The final decision could come down to who will most contribute on special teams.

I can see that our DBs have greatly improved since previous years. I personally feel that this is the most talent we've had at this position in a while. I see a lot of interceptions during practices. What kind of an impact do you think this group will have this year for us?

Dear Harrison: Assuming a) everyone stays healthy and b) the defensive front generates a consistent pass rush, the opponents should find it much more difficult to complete passes against the Giants than they have in the past. This is the most talented and deepest secondary we’ve had, with two legitimate No. 1 corners in DRC and Prince Amukamara, plus Walter Thurmond III as the nickel corner. And the back of the defense, with Antrel Rolle, Stevie Brown and Quintin Demps, is outstanding. Opposing quarterbacks are not going to like throwing against this group.

What happens to players who suffer career ending injuries, financially? Assuming David Wilson's career is over and he has to be released, are players like him just out of luck, or are they entitled to some sort of compensation on their way out? -Bryan

Dear Bryan: The player stays on IR (and receives his salary) until he is healthy and can pass a physical exam or an injury settlement can be reached. As a general rule, you cannot waive or release an injured player.


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