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Posted Feb 11, 2013's Michael Eisen answers your questions!

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I know it's a little too early, but what players do you think the Giants might be interested in taking with the 19th pick in the first round? Will they target a LB, DE, OT, or CB, or are they just going to roll the dice again and take the best player available?

This is one of the first draft questions of the year, let me begin with my annual disclaimer: because of Giants organizational policy, I am prohibited from including the name of any specific draft-eligible in any response. Jerry Reese, Marc Ross and our scouts don’t talk about players, so I certainly can’t. Having said that, you are correct – it’s a little too early. The decision-makers are in their first round of draft meetings. Next week, they’ll go to the combine, followed by numerous individual workouts. Just prior to the draft in April, they will hold their second round of meetings. That’s when every draft-eligible player will be assigned a grade and the draft board will be constructed. Regarding positions, almost everything is possible – linebacker, offensive line, defensive line. Reese will likely adhere to tradition and common sense and take the highest-graded player when the Giants are on the clock at No. 19.

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