Eisen's Mailbag: Will team keep three QB's?

Posted Jul 23, 2013

Michael Eisen answers fan questions about the Giants backup quarterback situation

Do you think the Giants will keep three quarterbacks on the active roster this season?

Dear Steve:
I do. They haven’t done so since 2007, but it seems they will have to this year. They’re excited to have Ryan Nassib, their fourth-round draft choice from Syracuse. If they waive Nassib, another team will surely claim him. So the Giants must keep him. David Carr and Curtis Painter are veterans vying for the backup job behind Eli Manning. A likely scenario has Carr or Painter as No. 2, with Nassib taking what amounts to a redshirt year at No. 3.

D.J. Ware is a free agent. Think they might bring him back as the 3rd down RB?

Dear Ed:
Doubtful. Ware was here for five years. He never really had a breakthrough season. If the Giants need a reserve back, I think they will look for someone who is younger and has more potential.

With all of the talk of his inconsistency do you believe that Eli Manning will do enough in his overall career to earn himself a first ballot induction into the HOF? I honestly believe that he has earned it already, but I bleed Giants blue LOL. Thanks so much!

Dear Ryon:
I believe Manning is a little past the midway point in a career that will eventually land him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But it’s hard to predict a first-ballot election for anyone. I thought Michael Strahan would be elected in February in his first year of eligibility and he didn’t. Now, if Manning wins another Super Bowl or two and continues to add passing yards and touchdown passes at his present rate, a first-ballot election becomes a greater possibility. But frankly, I think the enshrinement itself is vastly more important than if it takes place in your first, second or fifth year of eligibility.


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