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Nominate a frontline worker for a chance to be selected as "A Giant Hero"

Each entry should be accompanied by a short essay, not to exceed 1500 characters, explaining the reasons for the nominee's selection, and demonstrating the impact that the nominee has made in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the sacrifices the nominee has made in the nominee's personal life for the betterment of the community.

The Giants will select four (4) winners who will receive a custom Giants replica jersey with the winner's last name on the back, a $500 Visa or Fanatics gift card, and a mention on the team's social media platforms.

Nominees must be 18+ and a resident of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.


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Teamwork gets COVID results out in-time for a patient’s life-saving surgery

Teamwork gets COVID results out in-time for a patient's life-saving surgery

Late one night at the height of the pandemic, Stephen Bonventre (shown in the photo, first on the left), received a message from Kerry Kennedy (4th from left), asking for help with a situation regarding a critical COVID-19 test result. Stephen knew this situation was pressing, as this patient needed their results overnight to proceed with a life-saving surgery the next morning.

Stephen reached out to Sheela Bushree (2nd from left), who, upon receiving Stephen's phone call about this patient, opened her laptop to do some investigating. Over the next hour, Sheela began reaching out to many people, including Maria Gil (5th from left), and Danielle Schillizzi (3rd from left), who were able to help her locate the specimen in question. Danielle was then able to expedite the process and get the results back to Sheela and ultimately the client several hours later who was then able to get their life-saving surgery the next day.

Making masks for those in need

Making masks for those in need

Erika Bressi is a serious crafter in her free time and over the pandemic, she has put that hobby to good use. Erika, started to make medical masks because of a shortage in her area but went so far as to take some vacation time to dedicate even more time to making masks for those in need during the mask shortage.

Spending the weekend helping others

Spending the weekend helping others

During the pandemic, Quest had an emergency need for a spill kit (a kit that contains materials to clean up biohazard spills) so that a pop up COVID-19 clinic could meet the requirements to operate on a Sunday. Sam Cole, spent most of his Saturday finding the correct supplies for the spill kit and driving four hours to deliver the kit so the site could kick off testing the next morning at 8 a.m. He met the team the next morning and stayed all day to make sure the specimens were packaged correctly and handed off to the driver for transport to the local lab. Sam was a team player and was able to ensure the testing of numerous patients that day!

This team gets the ‘prioritization’ right​

This team gets the 'prioritization' right​

Marie Puso, in Teterboro, New Jersey, took a call from a patient regarding her COVID-19 pending test results. The patient's husband had just passed away from the virus, and she had been unable to see their 5 children. The patient asked Marie if Quest could do anything to get her results back as soon as possible so she could be with her children.

Marie felt she had to try to help the patient. Marie asked her supervisor, Marsha Lang, to submit an escalation request. Once the request was submitted Marie monitored this escalation frequently, and by the next day the results were posted. As soon as the results were released, Marie called the ordering Physician to give them the "NEGATIVE" results and ask that they contact the patient immediately. This is just one example of the extraordinary work done at Quest to get results to patients in need.

Appreciation posters continue to multiply

Appreciation posters continue to multiply

The Quest Teterboro, New Jersey Customer Solutions team was looking for a way to honor and recognize their colleagues on the front lines. The team, under Amy Pisone, created home-made posters, dropped each poster off at the front desk security and then hung the posters throughout the Lab. Ever since, the walls have been filling up with new posters and pictures daily from fellow employees, family members and friends showing appreciation for the frontline Quest teams.