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Coach Coughlin recaps Friday's practice


Q: How did Hakeem Nicks look today?

A: He did alright. He did okay.

Q: Was he able to let it go?

A: He practiced well for a Friday, did well, moved around well.

Q: Do you have to game plan around his injury? Do you have to limit him?

A: I don't want to do that. I don't want to game plan around any of that stuff. I want to let him play. Let him play the game.

Q: Are you confident he'll be able to play?

A: I'm confident he's going to give it all he's got. He wants to play in the worst way.

Q: How about Osi?

A: Seemed to do okay each day.

Q: Do you notice JPP's success having any effect on Osi?

A: They're good. They're very good together. They're very good in the room. All of those guys encourage each other. They want each other to do well.

Q: Are you happy with the crescendo of the way practice progressed from Wednesday to today?

A: I am.

Q: Because why?

A: Because we practiced well and we're geared towards a big game and I can feel the enthusiasm as it grows. Everybody knows it's a game of execution against two teams that seem to play incredibly close games every time we play.

Q: Last week you said you were impressed by the way the defense practiced.

A: They had a good week of practice again. Good week.

Q: Is Osi definitely going to play?

A: You'll have to see. I hope so, I do.

Q: How hard is it that it's a night game?

A: We don't decide those things. I have nothing to do with that. The decision's made. We play at nine in the morning or one in the afternoon, whatever time is allotted. We'll make the adjustment and not worry about something that we have no control over.

Q: Did you practice against more shotgun this week because of Romo's injury?

A: We go against a lot of shotgun because of the third down influence on what you're doing, the number of snaps you have and so we've done plenty of that.

Q: Is Ballard just not coming along?

A: No.

Q: Is it more difficult or easier that you're facing a familiar opponent?

A: The Dallas Cowboys are the Cowboys. We are the Giants. We played each other a couple of weeks ago. We look for all of the changes that could possibly have happened. We use our imagination to try to figure out what's coming next. Both teams know each other very well. We try to face it exactly like we would any other game, the two games previous and our game and all of our information we had going into it. Whenever you're playing a team of this stature it's very difficult to prepare, but we do it the same way we always do.

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