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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: What happened to Kareem McKenzie?

A: His back got real tight and he came down, got in the tubs, and they worked on him, but they couldn't get it right so I hope it's just today and not into tomorrow.

Q: It didn't seem like Sinorice Moss did much today?

A: If that's the case – and I didn't realize that – but if that's the case, it wasn't by design.

Q:  How is Michael Boleys injury coming along?

A: He's making progress but the original expectation was way out there. He's got a ways to go.

Q: Will you be getting Rocky Bernard back soon?

A: It might be relatively soon, I hope.

Q: [Barry] Cofield said he'll play in the preseason game Monday. What about [Fred] Robbins?

A: I haven't made all those decisions yet. We still have three solid practices to go and we need them all because of the few number of practices that we have this year just by virtue of the way camp happens to fall so we need those practices and we will card a couple of them up and do some brief Carolina stuff but they'll be training camp practices and I'll make a decision after I sit down and see all the health circumstances.

Q: How has Robbins been doing?

A: Doing well. I'm very pleased with what he's been able to do. He's run a couple of days in shells and then he came out in pads and he looked really quick and really active.

Q: Has [Clint] Sintim caught up after missing some practice in the spring?

A: You saw him out there with the ones today, so yeah he's doing okay.

Q: Have you been switching some guys around?

A: Yeah, just changing some positions and moving some guys, working some plays.

Q: Has [Clint Sintim] been able to anything that you didn't expect them to be able to do out of college?

A: He's showing the power and pass rush and the ability to play over the tight end with some leverage.

Q: We've seen [Bryan] Kehl and Wilkinson lot at the weakside LB spot but is Chase [Blackburn] in the running there too?

A: We want to make sure he knows every position and he played over there today and he's played over there in the past just so they can all maneuver around and play different spots. He's in the running, period, as the quality football player that he is so it's nice to have both Antonio and Chase know the defense, know everybody's position, be able to line everybody up and tell everybody what to do. They do that when they're in the middle of the hub, when they're at the mike but they're not that way when Chase is on the outside so we want to get him some work on the outside.

Q: It must be nice to have the starting four on defense again…

A: That and throw [Chris] Canty into the mix, and let's get Rocky Bernard and don't forget that [Mathias] Kiwanuka has had a heck of a fall. He's really done a nice job. He's played on special teams and been impressive, he rushes the passers, and he's just a guy who is an all-out football player all of the time. That's an exciting opportunity there. Work with your pencil with those guys.

Q: What happened when Michael Johnson touched Eli?

A: Don't single out Michael Johnson. Number one, it's competitive. Number two, it's competitive but smart. Number three, don't ever touch the quarterback under any circumstances. Don't come down and don't fake like you're going to. Inevitably in a practice, and in a heated drill like that drill is… That's a great football drill that two-minute drill. The offense has no continuity at all but by virtue of the last play, if they could have lined up and spiked the ball that fast, with four seconds left, that was the objective at the twenty-yard line. It's a great football drill, there's a lot of things that happen in practice. I don't know if you noticed that during the four-minute drill there was a ball thrown to the sideline that looked like if it was caught it would have been out of bounds. That was during a four-minute drill. We're not going out of bounds. So there's all kinds of stuff every day but the one thing that is consistent is that you've got to stay out of the quarterback's face.

Q: Are you happy with where you team is now in camp?

A: That's not a good word. Satisfied and all those things are not good words because you're trying to get everything and it doesn't always work that way. Certain people and groups look better one day over the other and so you go back and grind away. I think everyone improves and gets better when the competitiveness on both sides is at a very high level. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Most camps will go back and forth. This one hasn't gone forth as much. There hasn't been as much offense as you would like and that's what we're trying to do until we have a good balance.

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