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Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Was [Sinorice] Moss back today?

A: He's back.

Q: How is Andre Brown?

A: He's doing well. He was playing well. He really was. You could see the talent. He had that really good size and the quickness. He reminded me of some [running]backs we've had around here who dropped their shoulder and moved the pile a little bit. He scored on the goal line. You saw him the other day. It's just a sad, sad thing when you lose a player in a practice. The sad thing is that he was just running a route and all of the sudden he starts flopping. I felt really bad for Andre because emotionally…he knows he's done well and he would've been a lot of things; special teams, he would've helped on, and all kinds of things. It was so early in training camp, too, without even having a game. I feel bad for the kid.

Q: Most of the defensive line did go one-a-day – [Justin] Tuck, Osi [Umenyiora], and [Barry] Cofield – will they be able to play on Monday?

A: Yes. Those three guys will be able to play.

Q: Not Robbins?

A: Not Robbins. Robbins just put pads on the other day. He's not going to play.

Q: Will [Allen] Patrick step into that role that [Andre] Brown left?

A: Yeah. Patrick or don't forget that Dwayne Wright can do some of that, too.

Q: Has Patrick shown you anything?

A: He's quick. Fast. Fast player. He seems to have good endurance, too.

Q: Will [Dwayne Wright] switch to running back from fullback?

A: The unfortunate thing is that we do need the second fullback too. He doesn't have many runs so if he gets in the game…he hasn't carried it much.

Q: Have you made a roster move yet because of Brown?

A: No, there's a rule in the league about how you have to waive him first so you can't. Our people are pretty set on the fact that we couldn't afford to do it given that someone could claim him. It's another one of those things that…we're paying for sins of the past that people have tried to stack up players evidently, but it's a really harsh rule. Right now we haven't even played a game, why would we stash somebody? What would be the advantage of that? I know there are other cases…

Q: Can't you put him on IR?

A: If we waive him first, we can. If we waive him, and he goes through the wire, and nobody takes him, then we can do it (and he does not count against the roster). But it's foolish.

Q: When can you put him on IR?

A: I'm not sure if it's 53 or 75. I'm not sure. I know it's not tomorrow morning.

Q: You kind of have to play down a man then…

A: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense doesn't it? We haven't played our first preseason game and we're down a man.

Q: Now that you're down a running back do you look to any veteran free agents that are out there?

A: We've looked at everything, but I'm not prepared to say that we would do it. We've got to play this game first.

Q: Regular rotation for this game you think as far as the starters?

A: Yeah. Normal. You know, 12-15 plays, maybe a quarter.

Q: Will you try to get 3 or 4 quarterbacks in?

A: We're going to try to play them all. I don't know if that's possible, but we'll try.

Q: Would you stick to that rotation with receivers too or do you want to see more out of them?

A: We'll do the same routine there. The three wides takes care of that a little bit, too.

Q: Do you want to see something out of them because it's such a wide open competition?

A: I want to see something out of everybody every day. We've got the young ones that we want to see but there's every guy – second-year players that we're counting on and we'd like to see how they do, we want to see Andre Woodson play. We want to see a lot of them.

Q: We saw Woodson in a pretty bad situation against New England his last time out last preseason. Have you seen anything different from him lately?

A. If you've been watching practice, you're seeing—he's done very well. He's really studied and worked his tail off all winter long, was there every second. He's done a very admirable job at putting himself in a position where he's made a lot—a lot of throws now. He made some throws today, he just dropped the ball in.

Q. He's like a different guy…

A. He is a different guy. He is definitely a different guy. He's confident, knows the offense, and makes the protection adjustment. He's way out in front of the group he's usually with…sometimes he can't get that communication to his own people, but he handles it properly. I can't say enough about what I've seen out of him. Just hope he plays well, that's going to be the key, to go out there on the field and hopefully have the protection going that he can have a chance to perform.

Q. He changed his mechanics a little bit too, he said. Got rid of that "hitch."

A. Yeah.

Q. Have you been pleased with (Derek) Hagan's progression since you guys acquired him last year?

A. Yeah, but….what we had on Derek was that he was a strong receiver who was an excellent contributor on special teams and that's what his forte was. That's what he has done, he's showed endurance—staying power. He's out here every day, never misses a practice. He's caught the ball in tough situations, and he's been there when other people haven't, so those are all outstanding attributes. I'm hoping that it's reflective in the way he plays in the game, too.

Q. Do you have a timetable on the return of (Chris) Canty, (Aaron) Ross, and (Corey) Webster? They've been out awhile now…;

A. I ask that too. I keep asking, but I all I get is.... "improving, but…improving, but.."…that's what I get.

Q. Talk about what you hope to accomplish in this Carolina game…

A. Well, what you're trying to do in the first preseason game is that…to come out of camp, to have energy, to have some organization, to realize you're going to play a lot of people. There will be mistakes, make them aggressive, put yourself in a position, don't do the dumb things, and all the things that all coaches talk about, the penalties, the illegal procedures. Try to stay away from that as much as you can, don't turn it over, give yourself a chance, and then convince some of these young guys that this is an excellent opportunity for them, because as you go further into camp, the veterans are going to play more…this is a big night for a lot of young guys.

Q. What would you say about your team's discipline in terms of penalties so far in camp.

A. It's been okay, we've had some procedure penalties and we only have had the officials here for 2-3 days. We talk about what we think we see, and hopefully we can make some—I don't want to take any aggressiveness away from anybody right now. When they get in the game, they'll see how the officials are going to call it, and then they've got to make adjustments to that.

Q. How many series do you plan to play Eli Manning?

A. We'll see. We'll have X amount of plays to play. We'll see…it could be one series or two…however it goes.

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