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Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell


Q: How has Umenyiora looked in practice?
A: It's good to have him back. He looks good. He has fresh legs, as we say. He's quick off the ball. He's excited to be back out there.

Q: Do you see any rust in him?
A: Yeah, there's some. Obviously when you haven't trained and practiced there's some rust. As he told me the other day, he's a nine-year vet and he's been paying attention, which he has been. He looked pretty good.

Q: Is the rust football-wise or conditioning?
A: More conditioning than anything else. We won't really know that until game day, but he pants a little bit out there, but that's because he's working and trying to get himself in condition.

Q: How does having Osi one way or another go into your plan?
A: He's always in our plans. Everything we do, regardless, throughout the season he's always in our mind and we plan with Osi in mind.

Q: How do you get enough snaps for Umenyiora, Tuck, and Pierre-Paul?
A: That's a great problem to have. If Osi's the player he was last year and JPP's coming on like that, we'll find a way. I promise you.

Q: Tuck said his neck is taking away from his talents. Do you see that?
A: Justin was playing such good football for us during camp and the preseason games that he was really playing at a high, high level. He's not playing at that level of football for us right now. So yes, we do see that. I know that has to be frustrating for him because it's frustrating for us because we see and know what Justin can do. He just has to battle his way through that though.

Q: If he can't practice tomorrow, how much would that hinder him playing on Sunday?
A: I don't think that would hinder him. Obviously we would like for him to get all of the reps in practice and do that type of thing. Again, he's a smart player. He's a smart vet. He takes good notes and mental reps, I should say, when he's sitting there watching. So he'll be in our plans still.

Q: How much are you asking of Jacquian Williams?
A: We have put some things on his plate. Each week we put a little bit more on his plate and he's responded very well.

Q: In a way that's atypical of a rookie?
A: I [would] say atypical of a rookie because we've given him some assignments that we probably would not have given other rookies. He shows exceptional speed and quickness out there. He has very good recall in our defenses. We think he's playing good football for us. He's not playing great football, but he's playing good, solid football for us.

Q: What does he have to do to get to great football?
A: I think he just needs experience and reps. Every day is a new day for him. We put in new defenses every week, so it's a thinking process and he's never experienced it before. He has a good football IQ.

Q: Is there something that you're seeing in Boley that he wasn't doing last year?
A: When Jon [Goff] went down and Michael had to take over, I think Michael assumed that leadership role that was vacated. I think Michael has taken it upon himself to communicate with the defense more. He's always communicated with me. He checks in ... He's really taken on the role like, 'Hey, Perry, I can run the defense. I can make all of the calls. I can make all of the checks. We can get this thing done.' I think that's been the biggest change. He's approached it in a professional matter.

Q: Are you seeing Boley get to the point where he's an extension of you on the field?
A: I'm seeing him assume that role. He's not at that point yet, but yes, I'm seeing that and we're feeling much better about the way he can communicate our defense and get all of the calls.

Q: What do you see from Kevin Kolb?
A: Very athletic quarterback. He can throw. He has a good, strong arm. This is his football team. He doesn't have to look over his shoulder and when he's got his runner, when he has Beanie [Wells] there, they are a very good offense. I think that he's more comfortable with Beanie back there and [with] Fitzgerald out there. He knows that he has weapons that he can throw the football around and run the football.

Q: Why is Fitzgerald such a challenge?
A: He's a big, physical man. He makes great catches. I mean, difficult catches. You can jam him at the line of scrimmage, he can swat you off. He can get down the field. He is one of those guys that is a constant pro. He's always working. Whether you punch him, whether you double-cover him, whatever you do he's always working. He can make that catch over two defenders as you saw him do last week. You can never relax on this guy. He makes you work for 60 minutes of the football game. I think that's why he's different than other receivers because you have to work 60 minutes of the football game.

Q: Do you like throwing multiple guys at him? Is it better to throw six different guys at him?
A: If I had six different guys, I definitely would do that. I think when you have one person on him all of the time, I think he kind of gets a feel during the ballgame that he knows how to play this guy. Yeah, that would be an advantage for us.

Q: How will you rotate Umenyiora and Pierre-Paul?
A: We really haven't decided. Again, we'll figure all of that out when that comes to pass.

Q: If Tuck can't go, would you keep Pierre-Paul on the same side and move Umenyiora to the other side?
A: Really haven't decided.

Q: Did you use Ross differently last week?
A: I think it was a matter of Aaron making plays and being aware of some things that he was doing that he could correct. I just think that he corrected those things that he was doing.

Q: Such as?
A: That's between both of us. He's made a conscious effort to work on those things in practice. He's gotten better and better and as a result I said, I think a couple of weeks ago, that we are a work in progress, we have to progress a little bit.

Q: Did his confidence translate in practice this week?
A: No doubt. No doubt about it. You can see a little swagger back and there's no doubt about it.

Q: Is Phillips moving in the direction you wanted him to?
A: Yes. I think Kenny Phillips is playing really, really good football. Very pleased with how he is breaking on the ball or when he's tackling. We have a term, he's just balling. And he really is. I think he's balling out there for us.

Q: He's changed from three, four weeks ago?
A: No doubt. Enough said.




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