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Eisen's Mailbag: Giants depth at WR


In the past years the Giants have held a rookie minicamp for the draftees, signed UDFA's and numerous tryouts. This year, there was no rookie minicamp. Are the NYG having the large number of invites or tryouts as in the past? Previously they had as many as 50 attend a rookie minicamp.** -Bruce

Dear Bruce:
Because the NFL Draft was held three weeks later than usual, the Giants were one of many teams that decided not to have a rookies-only minicamp. The veterans had already begun their on-field work and the coaches decided it was better to bring in the rookies, get them started learning the offense or defense and working with their teammates. Everyone will be ready for the full-squad minicamp in June. The Giants did have a tryout for rookie free agents and signed a dozen of them.

With all the talented wide receivers the Giants have, do you see them using 4 WR formations? I'm thinking of something like Randle and Beckham on the outside with Cruz and Jernigan in the slot. It makes sense since Ben McAdoo's system will most likely incorporate spread principles and the Giants are looking to have subpar tight ends.

Dear Amadeusz:
I think it's very possible if everyone stays healthy. The players are just learning the offense now and I'm sure McAdoo will experiment with numerous formations and personnel groupings in the spring and in training camp. But we don't now the final answer until the season begins.

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