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Key blocking assists Wilson's performance


Speed and vision contributed to David Wilson's breakout performance on Sunday. But it was the blocking that tipped the scales toward a record-breaking night against the Saints.

His teammates opened up the holes, and Wilson's talents took over for 327 all-purpose yards.

"It definitely gives credit to my teammates because it wasn't anything I did really amazing," said Wilson, who became the first player in NFL history with at least 200 kickoff return yards and 100 rushing yards in the same game. "You've seen the holes, they opened up for me. Those guys that were on the field with me, I give credit to those guys."

One of those guys was fullback Henry Hynoski, who has now been on the field for all four of David Wilson's career touchdowns. But Hynoski can't take all the credit, especially on the 97-yard kickoff return. By the time Hynoski turned upfield to find his assignment, the first wave of blockers had already paved the way.

"I was looking for my guy to block, and I think Spencer [Paysinger] actually blocked my guy and others," Hynoski said. "So I just worked up and there was nobody to hit. And the next thing you know -- I know I have decent speed, but David goes blowing right by me. So he's naturally a little bit faster than me, so I was like, 'All right.' That worked out nicely."

Hynoski got his hands dirtier in the run game as Wilson received his biggest workload yet, taking 13 carries for 100 yards and two more touchdowns, including a 52-yarder late in the game.

Before Sunday, the last time Wilson found the end zone was a 40-yard run in Week 5 against Cleveland. That's when Hynoski saw the potential that was behind him.

"His speed is just outstanding," Hynoski said after the 52-27 win over New Orleans. "A lot of times I think he's too fast for plays sometimes. He tries to go to the corner when he should wait for things to develop a little bit more inside, but [Sunday] he was outstanding. He ran and we felt confident with him in there, and you could see the confidence with him in the huddle. I think [it] was his coming out party, and I think we can expect to see some more of him hopefully."

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