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Kiwanuka on stopping Cowboys run game


Q: As a defensive player, can you tell when a guy is hurt? How does that affect him?

A: I think during the course of the game you get a sense of whether a guy is at full go or not. The only thing that changes is you want to get after him and you want to get there a little faster. But in terms of Romo and the rest of the Cowboys playing, we expect them all to play. This is a playoff game for both of us. Everything is on the line. We're expecting their best game.

Q: What are the differences in their running game with Felix Jones back?

A: You'll see some subtle differences. [Felix Jones and Sammy Morris] are both two exceptional backs. We have to prepare for them the same ways in terms of how they can stop and start. For us, we have to be technique-sound and go back to the same old thing – if everybody does their job, the defense will be alright.

Q: It appeared that gap control was a bit of a problem in Week 14.

A: It's been an issue for us. This is the playoffs and we have all hands on deck. We're ready to go.

Q: The plan all along has been to have too many pass rushers.

A: Is there such a thing as that.

Q: Too many to block. With Osi coming back, what does that mean?

A: It means everybody is going to be fresher when they're out there on the field. He's an all-pro player. He's a Pro Bowl guy. When you look at what he presents to an offensive tackle, it's a completely different scenario than the other guys that we have in. We have power guys, we have speed guys, we have our guys who can move around throughout the line. I think just the matchup, the adjustment during the course of the week, they're going to have to prepare for another all-pro player.

Q: How did he look?

A: He's faster than ever.

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