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Postgame RB Ahmad Bradshaw - 10/14


Were you worried you weren't going to stick with the running game because early it was hard to gain yards?** "
Yeah, we know we've got each other's back. Just stick to the run and you know something is going to open up. When we came out in the second half we knew that if we came out strong and ran the ball that we could make some things happen. We came in, talked about it at half time and we were able to figure some things out."Did think you wore them down in the fourth quarter?

I think so, yeah. We just kept fighting and of anybody I want to fight with is these guys."Your coach's theme this week was nobody is giving you the chance to win. What kind of statement do you think you guys made to make everyone watch?

Like I said, we've got each other's back. This team fights all week just to prepare for any team we play and we knew we were going to come out for this game with a physical battle today and we just wanted to set the statement today and show everybody that we are a great team."A lot of you guys have been using the word "fight" is that a theme of a pre-game or a post-game?

Yeah, it has been all year you know we're going to fight to the end. Coach Coughlin came in yesterday saying we were going to fight together and we knew it was going to be a dog fight today. WE just had to finish and that's what we did today."

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