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Postgame Saints Coach Sean Payton

"The only thing really to report on the injury front – Scott Fujita had a calf. I don't know the significance of it yet. After the first quarter, he came out.

"Obviously, it was a big win. We did a lot of things well. Of course, the turnovers were important. There's a lot of individuals to bring up and their performances but I think it's more appropriate to talk about the team. I was real proud of the way we responded, especially against a good team.

"Obviously, Drew (Brees) got a hot hand. He was locating the ball down the field. The receivers went out and made plays. (Marques) Colston had one of his better games of the season. We did a great job, a great job in protection. I thought that was a significant rush we saw, and that was important.

On attacking middle of the field:

"I think early on we wanted to be somewhat aggressive. We wanted to take advantage of the inside lanes. They mix coverages up well. It wasn't one specific area, one specific throw. We were able to spread the ball around again. I thought protection was key. Defensively, we came up with turnovers and those were huge.

On Jeremy Shockey:

"I thought he did a good job all week. Certainly, Jeremy's a high-profile player. I think his focus was on the team and winning the game and not going back and playing against his old team. It's about doing the things you have to do to win a football game, and I think he handled it real well.

On finesse vs. physical play:
"I've read some of that stuff. We play a lot of good physical teams here. We try not to pay attention to some of that. I don't know if it's really accurate.

On game keys:

"There were a couple of things we felt that were important. We thought we needed to win the third-down battle. We thought we were going to have to win the turnover battle. And we thought the team that had more rushing yards would win the game.

On Giants:

"We've got a lot of respect for that team. When you look at the numbers they've put up as an organization the last three or four years … we're trying to do that ourselves."

"We're going to have more big games and just got to continue to improve each week. We have to improve in the kicking game. We gave up some yards in the return game and had a PAT blocked. It was a good win and I'm happy with that, but there's a lot of things I think we can do better.

"We know it's early in the season. We've got a lot of football ahead of us. We like starting off fast, but you also understand that's not always the case."

On "big picture":

"I don't think you can talk big picture yet.

On bye week: *

  • "I'd like to tell you we worked twice as much on meeting prep. We tried to get them away from here and get rested. We went to (Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer's wife, Vicki, who died last week) funeral on Tuesday. We just gave them the game ball in the locker room. She was someone that was very close to my family, my wife and children in Dallas. It kind of pulls at the family of a team. Last week was tough and will continue to be tough for that family. There was a lot going on in the bye week. By the time we got to this game, it seemed like a long time. That was a concern, with the time off. We hadn't handled that (bye week) well in the past, but we did this time.

On sequence at end of first half: *

  • "I think that was significant, maybe somewhat similar to what happened in the Jets game. That was a big turn of events. We were stopped on fourth down, we got the sack/fumble, and we were able to come back and score the touchdown."

On perception of team after today's win:

"This week, we'll talk about the win and there will be more talked about it, but in about four or five weeks it will just be a win. I've said this in some of our prior games, the style point part of it is not as important as just understanding how to win. We're trying to, as a team, understand an opponent and what we need to do to win. That's what we keep striving for when we prepare."

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