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QB Sage Rosenfels Transcript


Q: David Carr …

A: Most training camps have 4 quarterbacks. I think teams are always looking for more depth at all positions. The quarterback position is no different. No, it wasn't a surprise to me.

Q: The fact that it's a veteran?

A: No, as I said, it wasn't a surprise. I'm focused on getting better out here. It's my first time really being in this offense, as far as to run it in practice and all that stuff. I feel like I've had a good first two days. Also, I'm the holder. I feel very confident in my abilities and how I'm going to try to get better every day.

Q: How much better is your understanding of this offense now?
A: I felt like I had a good X's and O's understanding in the fall. To be able and be out here and actually do it has made a world of difference for me and my confidence. Like I said, I think I've had a really good first two days of practice.

Q: To be fair, not all football decisions are made on the field. Sometimes cap numbers have impacts on that. Are you worried about that?
A: I only can control so much. What I can control is my play and how I can get the other ten guys around me to play good football. That's my concern right now. I haven't been approached about anything about that. That's my concern and that's where I'm working every day.

Q: Would you be open to something like that if they talked about that?

A: They haven't talked about it. I haven't discussed it. They just signed obviously David. My focus has nothing to do with that. My focus is getting better every day and learning every day from Coach Gilbride and my quarterbacks coach, Mike Sullivan, and making this offense the best it can be.

Q: Do you believe this is going to be a straight let's see how they do in practice, let's see how they can do in the games, then we'll make a decision?
A: They haven't told me anything about that. As I said, that's not my job. That's somebody else's job. My job is to play good football every day.

Q: It's not unheard of for a team to go with only two quarterbacks on the roster. Do you believe there's realistically room for three quarterbacks on this roster?
A: Some teams do two, some teams do three. I don't know. This team, we only did two last year. I'm sure in the past they've done three at different times. Every team is different. I think they go into each week differently now with two or three quarterbacks based on injuries and what you have with those quarterbacks and the things that they can do and those types of things. That's not my decision. That's upstairs with Coach Coughlin.

Q: I don't think we've seen you throw a pass in a game. You came in late last year. How does this offense suit you?
A: I think this offense suits a quarterback who likes to throw the ball down the field, but also a quarterback who has to be very, very smart because they really rely on the quarterback to do just about everything as far as the checks, run checks, pass checks, even some of the line calls. You can't just have a strong arm and come out here and wing it. You have to have a real good head for the game and I feel like that's been one of my strengths in my career.

Q: So you're saying you're smart?
A: Some people have told me that.

Q: Do you know David Carr at all?
A: I do. I actually played with him for a year in Houston. His last year in Houston was my first year in Houston. So, I spent a year with him.

Q: Two guys that have been around the league end up crossing a little bit.A: You end up knowing a lot of guys when you're in the league for awhile. I would say I know David fairly well. I obviously spent a year with him. I played a lot of golf with him in the off season, those types of things. He and I always got along really well.

Q: Do you anticipate this being a pretty healthy competition now?

A: I really don't worry about the other players, whether it's Eli, whether it's David, whether it's Perrilloux. I try to worry about how I play and my game. I try to treat football like golf in that sense because I can't control how everyone else is doing. All I can control is myself and try to make the most of every play.

Q: What do you think of Perrilloux? It seems like he has some pretty good tools.A: He does. He's got a strong arm. He's learned the offense quickly. I think he's pretty athletic. But, he's a young guy, so he's got a lot to learn. But, he's got the right attitude and he works hard.

Q: It seems like he's got a smooth release too, effortless almost at times.

A: Yeah, the ball comes out fairly well. His arm is strong enough to play in this league. It's always the other intangibles that set the quarterback apart.

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