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Quotes (3/18): S Jabrill Peppers, G Kevin Zeitler

S Jabrill Peppers

Q: What was your reaction to the trade?

A: "I was excited. (I) get a chance to play football and do it in front of the home state. It was definitely an exhilarating feeling."

Q: With losing a player like Landon Collins, what do you think about the expectations that will come with filling that void?

A: "I'm just excited to play football again. Excited to go to the Giants and be one of the best players I can be. I hold myself to a high level and I intend to play at that level."

Q: Have you had any conversations about how the Giants will be using you in their defense and have you been asking around about James Bettcher and his scheme?

A: "No, no real conversations I've had but I've been looking at YouTube videos of when he was in Arizona. I'm just anxious to learn the scheme and see how I'm going to be used."

Q: From where you're at as a player, how would you give a scouting report on Jabrill Peppers, the player that the Giants are getting?

A: "They're getting a hard worker. A guy that's going to do whatever it takes to win. Me personally, I feel as though I haven't even showed a third of what I can really do. So, I'm anxious just to get there and have a fresh beginning, and immerse myself in the culture and tradition, learn the schemes and be the best player I can be."

Q: You mentioned coming home, what was it like being the top recruit coming out of high school around this area? What was that time of your life like?

A: "It wasn't about being the top recruit, it was just more about the talent level that I was playing against. I was in a very competitive league and it brought the best out of me each and every game. I think that prepared me for the big games at the college level, and even at the NFL level, because some stadiums are smaller than it is at the collegiate level. Just being in that atmosphere, I definitely think that was the biggest factor."

Q: What's your family's reaction been to this homecoming?

A: "They're excited, they're excited. It's a much easier commute than Cleveland, Ohio. So, that works out."

Q: Were you surprised when you got the call from the Browns that you're being traded to the Giants?

A: "It's a business, so nothing really can surprise you. It's just more of a blessing in disguise and I feel as though God doesn't make mistakes. If this is the path he wants me to walk down on, I'm going to embrace it. It was more of an exciting, exhilarating feeling. Just a new road to go down, and I'm excited to go down it."

Q: Is there a part of your personality where you can raise your level of play if certain pressure is put on you?

A: "Again, I'm just going there to be the best football player I can be. I hold myself to a high level and I attend to play at that level. That's about as best as I can give to you."

Q: Have you talked to Antoine Bethea? Seems like you two are going to be tied together there in the secondary.

A: "I've talked to him briefly. He's a hell of a player and I have fine knowledge of him. He's a veteran guy who's made a lot of plays on the ball, made a lot of tackles, he's played in the system before, so I'm eager to pick his brain and play alongside of him and roam that secondary back there."

Q: You obviously know Saquon Barkley. I don't know the depth of your relationship, but have you spoken to Saquon at all? What's that going to be like being his teammate after both being marquee players in the same conference in college?

A: "It's going to be a phenomenal thing. Just competing against him in practice every day. After playing against him for most of my career at Michigan, he's a hell of a player. (I) haven't really had an extensive conversation with him. All he said was, 'Let's get to work,' and I said, 'Let's do it.' That's kind of where we're at right now. April 15 is right around the corner. We're just all finishing up putting the final touches on the offseason training, and eager to come back and get to work."

G Kevin Zeitler

Q: You just signed a big contract with Cleveland a couple years ago, did this catch you by surprise?

A: Yea, it did. Once you sign that contract you think you are going to be there for quote, unquote 5 years. It definitely came as a big surprise, but it what it is. 'm excited and I thank Cleveland for the opportunity. I'm excited to be a New York Giant and I'm ready to get to work.

Q: What do you know about some of the guys on the offensive line?

A: I know Victor (Salako) from the team last year. I spent some time with him in Cleveland during OTA's and training camp last year, that's the one guy I know prior. I have been on the phone and had talks with Nate Solder, he seems like a good guy. I'm excited to meet him in person. I don't know many guys but from everything I have heard they sound like they are a good group.

Q: Is there any disappointment that you will not be with a Browns team that seems like it's on the up?

A: You look at what they have done these last couple of weeks, it's definitely an exciting time in Cleveland. I think the guys there are going to have a very good time this next year. Like I said, there's nothing I can do about it. They traded and the Giants wanted me. I'm excited to be here and we are going to do everything we can to get the same amount of buzz in New York.

Q: What do you consider the best part of your game? Run blocking, pass blocking, or are you equally adept at both?

A: I think I'm adept at both. I think it's my ability to always be on the field. I am able to stay on the field, I am able to be out there and I am able to play consistently. I think having that availability is pretty big.

Q: Have you received any advice from Joe Thomas on this next part of your career?

A: I think the biggest thing with Joe Thomas is he broke down everything from the way he took care of his body, to how he broke down his day, how he took care of himself and how he takes care of the football aspect. There is always something he could be doing with his time at the facility that could help him or the guys around him get better. Just watching him do that, it was good to learn from that.

Q: Did you see much of Saquon (Barkley) last year and what do you think an offensive lineman like you can bring to him?

A: I think everyone saw some of Saquon's highlights last year, he was our very first game. I think as a lineman (Inauidble). I'm going to do whatever I can to help him look better.

Q: What's your take on Eli Manning, do you know him at all and where do you think his game is?

A: I don't know him that much. I haven't seen many Giants games. I'm excited to work with him. I have heard he is an expert when it comes to the game and I'm looking forward to working with him.

Q: If you are a new guy coming into an offensive line what's the key to getting caught up to speed?

A: Cohesion does matter for an O-line. When you work together with guys for a long time you have the ability to know what they are thinking and what they are thinking of doing before it even happens. We have the off-season program, OTA's and training camp. I think we have more than enough time to get the group on the same page.

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