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Quotes (9/20): Coordinators talk Week 3 strategy

Defensive Coordinator James Bettcher

(Opening Remarks)

A: Moving on to this week with the Texans, a team that really has some unique pieces to their run game, where you're going to see both the quarterback under center handing the ball off, some point-of-attack runs, some pull plays with the quarterback underneath center, and you're going to see a series of runs where he's in shotgun. There might be a fast motion, a motion back behind the line of scrimmage, creating the read-option type scheme runs. At times, there's going to be pull plays involving that. We're going to have to play disciplined football, both with the motions and with the responsibilities in the zone-read stuff. That's been certainly a point of emphasis the last couple of weeks. I'm sure the question is going to come up of handling the zone-read stuff the last couple of weeks. That starts with me. I got to coach it better, and then collectively as a group, we've got to execute it better. There's no magic pixie dust to sprinkle on it, nothing like that. It is coach it better, and execute it better. That's a very simple solution, to be very honest with you. This game, we're going to have to do those things well to put ourselves in position on second downs to be in good position with the sticks. Then on third down, to be in good position with the sticks. Then the pass game, two very dynamic players on the perimeter. You saw (Texans WR Will) Fuller last week had a really, really great game to compliment 10 (Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins). They're going to match you up. They're going to push the ball down the field. They're going to take some shots. Then, they're going to have some routes where we know that 10 is going to try to get some targets and get him the ball and get him early. Great challenge, I think our guys have had a good day at practice, yesterday. Had good meeting this morning. We just had a really good walk-thru. I think they're really excited to keep grinding, and keep working, and keep getting better on defense.

Q: What is your philosophy for a guy like (CB) Janoris Jenkins in terms of matching up against a big physical receiver like DeAndre Hopkins?

A: Was fortunate in Arizona, we had (CB) Patrick (Peterson). You're fortunate and blessed to be here and have two corners on the perimeter that are really good corners and players. (CB) Eli (Apple), we'll see about at the end of the week where he's at. Janoris, he is a special player. He's one of the best corners in this league, and there's no question about that. Does he want the deep ball back? Sure, but guess what, plays happen in games. I've been around a great corner before that's given up a play before. So, I don't have any question about if that matchup happens and they happen to be on each other in this game, they're going to go compete, and fight, and scrap, and be the player that he is. You just got to be aware of where 10 is. You got to be aware of where he is on the field, and that's whether Janoris is on him or whether anyone else ends up on him.

Q: How much of a balancing act is it between wanting to put pressure on (Texans QB Deshaun) Watson but also being aware that he can evade the rush and make big plays?

A: We've really faced that same type of quarterback the last two weeks, and rush land integrity is very important. You want to be aggressive, whether you're pressuring or whether you're rushing four, but you have to be sound with who's closing the middle pocket lanes where he likes to escape and rush.

Q: [Watson] hasn't run that much this season, has he?

A: He hasn't. I think by the numbers he hasn't. I think most of his rushes have actually been maybe more scrambles than actual maybe, zone-read keeps or option keeps. Maybe that's just the way the option played out, but I don't think you could defend that series of runs thinking and saying he's not going to carry the ball, or not have accountability for the quarterback. That just comes with being disciplined with what our job is in regards to that.

Q: I don't know if you have a "spy" in your playbook, but is that something you would consider?

A: Each and every week, you always consider everything. I know one thing, if you sit back and you only rush two, kind of three guys, and you spy with one, then all of a sudden two guys get double-teamed or three guys get doubled, and the ball is held, then the coverage breaks down at some point in time – every coverage will break down the longer the quarterback holds the ball – so, there's a give and take when you do that.

Q: You've admitted to saying you have trouble covering the zone read. At this point, how do you fix it? Do you run more zone read plays in practice?

A: I think anything you have issues with, it all starts in the meeting room. We go in and we continue to grind out the tape. Continue to correct in the meeting room. I know that's not a flashy answer, but that's the truth. There's a process to getting things right, and you follow the process. That's go in the meeting room, continue to correct it, continue to talk about it, go on the practice field, walk it thru, go out and execute it in practice. Come in and watch that tape of it, and you do that day-in and day-out. That's how you get better. That's how you get better as a player. That's how you improve as a coach. That's how your scheme improves, and ultimately, that's how you play better on Sundays.

Q: What have you seen from (S) Landon Collins? It seems like there's more to come from him.

A: Sure, I think every player on the field has room for improvement. There isn't a highlight around Landon and what he needs to do or doesn't need to do. Landon just needs to stay within his box and keep working and doing his and improve each and every week, just like the other 10 guys that are on the field with him.

Q: Are you disappointed in your performance against Dallas in terms of covering the zone read?

A: Anytime, whether it was the zone read plays, or whether it was when the quarterback was underneath center and they ran the inside zone that went for 20, I'm disappointed on both of those plays, equally. We can't allow big runs. We had two opportunities, you go back to Jacksonville, we give up a big run backed up, that's points on the scoreboard in tight games. We know that defensively, and that's why that is a very big point of emphasis. It's a point of emphasis every week. I think stopping the run, that's what we talked about, and that's what we have to build ourselves on. All three times in a row, we've faced really good run teams, and we haven't played as well as we need to play. We're just going to keep grinding, keep working, and follow the process, because the process works.

Q: You've been hit with big plays on the first series to start both games, one being a touchdown. (DT Damon) "Snacks" (Harrison Sr.) mentioned something about maybe guys are overthinking a little bit. Can you talk about that?

A: Whether it's overthinking, or eyes in the wrong place, or a better call, all of those things are things that we consider each and every week.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula

Q: How unsettling is it when you have to change an offensive lineman? I know injury necessitates it, but when you have to put a new guy in there, is there any concern about the chemistry, maybe gelling taking kind of a little step back there?

A: That's part of it. I think all of us realize that. Ideally you keep everybody healthy and nobody gets hurt, but you have to plan for changes, for sudden changes. The difficult thing is you can't get everybody equal reps so guys are going to have to step up, but guys are professional. It's part of their job to be able to produce without a lot of reps. Injuries happen, unfortunately, but you deal with them and move on and next guy up.

Q: How do you look at the offense? In Game 1 it looked like you guys were close, there were plays to be made there. In Week 2, what would you take away from that?

A: It hasn't been good enough, but it's – but close I think is a key word and you don't want to use that as an excuse, but I think there's a fine line in everything that we do for us in our world with perception and reality. I think that perception is we're not there, it's not good enough. It hasn't been, but reality is we think we're really close and we do a couple of things here and there throughout and everybody does things more consistently. We are going to stay on the field, we are going to put points on the board because I think we're too talented and get back to where we want to be.

Q: The line has obviously gotten a lot of heat the last two weeks and it's obviously more than just them, but specifically them, what have you seen? Is it a matter of a bunch of new guys in there trying to be on the same page?

A: Without sounding too boring, I should say, I think it's a little bit of everything. It's not just one thing here, one thing there. It's just a combination of all of us. You asked about the offensive line, it's hard – with the way I look at it, it's all of us and we just do things a little bit better, a little more consistently. It takes all 11 to do things right, our guys realize that and they're trying like crazy to do that. We just got to do it better.

Q: One of the things that jumped out at me when I looked at the league stats was first downs. it was like 2.55 yards per play, which is last in the league. You have to be more creative on first down or what?

A: No, just got to – everybody do their job better. I think that's consistent kind of where we're at on some other downs as well. I know coach has talked about this, don't wait until third down to make a first down. Let's be productive, efficient, productive on first and second down. Let's make first downs on first down or second down, so the good news last week was we were better on third down, we had too many of them, but they helped us stay on the field at times. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough to come up with a win or get enough points.

Q: Being a guy that works with the quarterbacks so closely, is there anything a quarterback can do when it's a jailbreak situation where he turns around and there's a guy standing there, which happened several times in the Cowboys game?

A: Well hopefully it doesn't happen, number one. Every situation is different as far as getting the ball out or is that what you're talking about? I mean the obvious thing is to get the ball out, don't take the sack, don't take the hit and Eli (Manning) has done a great job. The thing we talk about with Eli and our quarterbacks is just keep working. You play, in my opinion, I'm a little biased, one of the toughest and greatest positions in all of sports and you have to make split second decisions whatever they are whether or not you take a sack, don't take a sack, miss a read, see a hot, get to the right guy. All those things in regard to pressure, moving around, buying time in the pocket. All those things to keep us where you're making decisions to keep us on the field or to keep us out of a play. If it's a bad play, hopefully it's not, but keep it from being worse.

Q: Is the inconsistency offensively preventing you guys from even getting into what you game planned for a specific scenario?

A: I think at times, yeah. I think probably anybody on offense, or defense, would say yes to that question. I think that we keep striving for that and we're seeing some signs of it, nowhere near what we think we can be and not good enough yet to put points on the board to help our team win. We are getting closer and I think there's not one person in this building that feels otherwise.

Q: When you look at the Texans, they have some pretty good pass rushers. How much is J.J. Watt, obviously he's coming back from major injury, still the guy you have to when you lineup you say, okay, he's over here on this side.

A: He is still the guy and you have to know where he is, we have to know where he is at all times. He's productive at all the spots, too. It's not like he's just outstanding on our right side outside. He can play outside on our left and inside or play over the center. I mean he's just so, not only talented and explosive, but his awareness is off the charts. Then you add in (Jadeveon) Clowney on the other side or when they're together, so that's why they're really good on defense. We just got to continue to focus on ourselves, number one, and obviously be aware of those guys and execute our plan and like we spoke earlier, stay out of the long yardage situations, make first downs on first and second down and then finish in the red zone.

Q: How can you make sure that Odell's (Beckham Jr.) workload and targets are more like Week 1 versus last week?

A: Yeah, we want to obviously get him involved. He's such a productive player for us and get him involved early, so I think it's just – the easiest thing to say is yeah we got to game plan that, but he and Eli, they have such a good feel for the game. Just continue to utilize, not just their talents, but their awareness and their intelligence to be able to get him the football whether or not it's short passes, inside passes, outside passes, all that kind of stuff.

Q: Are you suggesting improvise or use your chemistry…

A: No – yeah that, and also have multiple ways to do it, I should say.

Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Q: Is (Stacy Coley) a returner?

A: He's had experience with it, a little bit in college, early in his college career (inaudible).

*Q: What did you think of having (Odell Beckham) back there?  *

A: It was good to have him back there. Like I said before, any time you get a chance to get his hands on the ball, you get a chance to make a play. He just needs to kind of knock the rust off a little bit and get going.

*Q: How much of that was (Kaelin Clay) being injured at the time or you guys wanted him to have a big play? I know you have other options as well. What went into that decision? *

A: Little bit of both. Kaelin rolled his ankle and, again, whenever you get a chance to throw 13 in there and make a play, big gain, opportunity to make a play and just trying to make one.

*Q: Does he have his own style back there, because the way he caught the punt is not typical? *

A: Odell definitely has his own style. He's always been that way, he's different that way. His ball skills are off the charts, you're not going to have everybody else catch the ball the way he catches it. He has really big hands; he has big, strong hands, very confident hands.

*Q: Is there any point where you find yourself lobbying with (Pat Shurmur) trying to get him back there more often?   *

A: We're not going to force anything. Kaelin is very capable. Whenever we get a chance to make a play, we make a play, but when you have a guy like Odell as you move forward, there are going to be some spots where you can throw him in there, you take advantage of those opportunities.

*Q: Do you change up what you do as far as blocking and protection depending on who you have back there as a returner because everybody has their own unique style? *

A: No, normally we keep the same things schematically. It depends what we're going against opponent-wise, but both of them are capable of doing multiple things.

Q: When it's a week later and you have to go against a team that was hit for a big fake on the punt, is it a one-time thing or is it something you have to anticipate changes in how they're going to approach that, because someone found a hole?

A: I'm sure they probably want to go back to that last thing that hit them, but whenever you get hit on a fake, it'll make you re-think some stuff. I've been hit on a fake before, so they're going to make you go back, see what you're doing and making sure schematically, you're sound.

Q: Has Kaelin been decisive? It seems like he got caught in between a few times on punts.

A: Kaelin has been in the situation where the punters have been kind of icky – Chris Jones is a phenomenal punter, and he did not punt well last game, and he's left-footed. A couple of those balls came off his foot kind of funky and they were short and hit the ground, started rolling. If you watch him, he's normally 50 yards, 45 yards, 5.2, 5.1 his returns – it's ridiculous. He can crush the ball. But he didn't play well the other day, and then we had Logan Cook, who has been up and down a little bit. His first two games have been where those guys haven't punted the ball as well as they normally do.

Q: On the onside kicks, the first one worked really well. It looked like he tried to bounce it off the guy and that worked. The second one, did he just mis-hit that?

A: Yeah, he just mis-hit it. You wish you could hit them all perfect, but he didn't hit it as well as he could've hit it.

Q: Is that another play where you're trying to bounce it off the guy?

A: No, it was a different play.

Q: What have you thought of (Cody Latimer) as a kick returner so far?

A: What we saw on tape, we love Cody on tape – big, strong, physical guy that can run through hard tackles, and very decisive as a returner. We look forward to him getting better. Last week, the week before, he only had one opportunity and then last week we had two more opportunities. He did well, if we make the block on the backside, we might be talking about a touchdown Cody scored. Who knows? But I like what we're seeing from Cody.

Q: What's this weekend like for you? Do you get to do anything different since it's sort of a homecoming?

A: No. It will be the same weekend, my kids will probably come down to the hotel for a little bit or I'm going to go home for a little bit. It'll be the same thing, it'll be a lot of people around that know that I'm in town, but that won't change anything. Game day is game day. It's a business trip. I just went home on Monday. It's one of those deals, you go ahead and go play, get on the plane and go back home.

*Q: Have you been getting your treatment down there? *

A: Yes.

Q: Will your wife make you your favorite meal or anything?

A: Not probably. We might go out to eat somewhere, but other than that, it will just be a business trip. Go down there, play the Texans, get back on the road and come back.

*Q: Do you go down and back the same day when you have treatment? *

A: The day after. I went down, drove down after the Dallas game, and then had a treatment that morning and flew back the next morning.

Q: Impressive.

A: I'm feeling it now.

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Q: Do you think (the drug test) has anything to do with what happened this offseason?

A: No, it was PEDs.

Q: So it was totally different?

A: Yeah, that's like steroids. I'm looking big! This is like performance-enhancing stuff. I pretty much get tested every week. I'll just take it as a compliment.

*Q: You said last week you were close after watching the tape. After watching this week, what did you come away thinking? *

A: It wasn't as close as the first week. They just came out and outplayed us. Some days, a team comes out and they just play a really good game and Dallas did that. Not to say we weren't prepared, they just played a better game. Same thing as last week – 0-2 now, we've got to win. But it's not like the whole season is over if you don't. It's just, you want to win games. We game plan it, we got some good stuff in and we've got to come up with a victory.

*Q: Why haven't you been able to get the deep ball going? That seemed like it was going to be a big part of the offense coming in.  *

A: It just hasn't happened. We had some shots but we just didn't connect on them. It's all happening so fast, these first two games. Get the jitters out of the way, and get the season going.

Q: There has been a lot of talk about why hasn't Eli just thrown you some more balls and let you use your athleticism to make the play, and I know Pat Shurmur said after the game you don't want to just throw them into coverage. Is it easier said than done?

A: It's easier said than done. Like Coach said, you don't just want to throw them into coverage and stuff like that, but just finding ways to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers and allow us to make plays and keep the ball moving, keep this offense going in the right direction.

*Q: For the guys who have been here and you've been through the offensive struggles and you've talked about what needs to be done, how do you prevent it from being more than just two games? Going back in your head of what's been the past struggles.  *

A: I think it's making a conscious effort and decision to put a stop to it at some point, for us to come together as an offense and as a team, and just to play better football. Just play at a higher level than we have been, and that's really it, to keep it simple, it's just about bringing that effort, that energy every day to practice; but, more importantly, on Sundays and get it going as a group.

Q: What has (Coach Shurmur) been like this week?

A: Same. He comes to work every day pretty consistent. Positive, like I said, we're all trying to get going and get this first victory, get that off our shoulders.

Q: Did the Cowboys pay your more attention or throw more or different things at you than Jacksonville did?

A: Tough to say. I felt like the Cowboys have always done the same thing with the way they play – back off, keep everything in front, no big plays, and they eliminated all big plays. I don't know if they put more emphasis on it, it's just the scheme they use just worked for them.

Q: You spent a lot of time in that game in Dallas without getting a target. You went a long stretch of time without even a target. What is that like for you?

A: It's tough, but I think that's the part where I've grown up the most, is just being able to stay in it and know that it's always one play that's right there. It's always one play away.

Q: How much did that test you? You said you wanted to be tested like that.

A: It was funny because it's like I'd been asking for it and asking for it, and I got it. It was a tough test, but we made it through. Unfortunately, we didn't get the win but you always find small wins, small battles and you can take from that and use that part as some good.

Q: You've been through this before, as far as adversity and slow starts, but how soon can a season sort of slip away?

A: Just as fast as it can go the other way, too. You can lose eight in a row, you can win eight in a row. You never know. When we've got guys like Snacks over there, it can go either way real quick. We just want to make sure it doesn't go that way. Get this first win, then try and get it going.

*Q: (OC Mike Shula) said that they've got to get you the ball early. *

A: I don't mind (laughter). I just know, and I guess it's for anybody, if you can make one or two big plays early, your confidence is up. You know that I'm ready for whenever it comes to me again, but if you don't get it, you kind of can't find a rhythm, it's hard. It'll be like a three-point shooter getting in a game and doesn't get to get his shot up. It's hard to find a rhythm, so it's just about finding a rhythm, collectively.

*Q: What about the confidence not just of you but of the team, maybe if you were able to get something going? Obviously you're a big playmaker here, injecting a little something in this offense that's obviously looking for a little something? *

A: I think so. I think that's what it really is, and that's where if there's any frustration, it comes down to that, not being able to provide that spark that we need. When you've got another electrifying player over there like that, we just want to be able to bring as much as we can each and every time, bring that energy. I know that a couple touchdowns definitely would help the confidence of the offense and it carries over through special teams and defense.

*Q: You guys have not had a lead in the first two games. Does it feel like it when you're on the field, when games going on, we're behind or we're always playing from behind? *

A: The second game. We were only down by 10, but I felt like maybe we tried to press and we tried to hit a home run, and it could just be getting on base, I guess. It's not really any pressure, I feel like 0-2 is just, it's 14 more games in the season. You can win all 14. You could've went 2-0 and you could've lost the next 14. You never know how it's going to go.

*Q: I know you like watching other receivers. Have you ever watched (DeAndre Hopkins) that much?  *

A: Oh yeah. We played against him in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl my sophomore year, I think the year before he was leaving, and Sammie Watkins got hurt on the third play of the game. (Hopkins) went crazy for the rest of the game. I've been watching him since college, since he was over there at Clemson, so I love his game. I remember when he was playing, we played him here and he had that catch against Prince down the field and they called it back. Trust me, I've been watching him a long time.

*Q: You haven't been part of all of it, but when you look at the stat, this non-30 point thing going on with you guys, not being able to score 30 points. How absurd is that to you that that just hasn't happened? Obviously it's an accumulation of a stretch of time. *

A: I feel you on that. I feel like there's no way you can't score a touchdown in every quarter, and one somewhere else. It just doesn't seem unrealistic to me. I feel personally, I could score two touchdowns every game. I feel like Saquon could score two every game. There are other people on this team who could score every single game. That's over 35 points. It's just a matter of executing it and making it happen, really. But it doesn't seem out of reach for me in my mind, I don't want to win 24-21. I'm trying to win 52-18, whatever they score. Zero. Nobody said it had to be close.

Q: You haven't won a game since the end of December in 2016?

A: I don't remember the last time I won a game was. Maybe some cards or something, but not an NFL football game. I haven't won one in a long time. It's definitely not a good feeling, not something you come here to do. You don't come here to lose, you just don't.

Q: You can't block – downfield you can – but is there anything you can see or say to the offensive line to say some of these plays just aren't getting off the ground from the start because of Eli, the duress Eli's in?

A: It's just about bringing more energy, honestly. We're still feeling each other out. You've had camp and all that, but until you get into the heat of battle and you know how a player's going to be if it's tough, if it's that, we're still finding each other, finding ourselves as a team. I think we know what we want to be, it's just about working harder to achieve that goal.

Q: We've asked you about competition with the corners, whether it's (Jalen Ramsey) or anybody else. You mentioned Hopkins. Is this a competition for you to go out there to show what you've got, when you know those guys are going to be doing the same?

A: I feel what you're saying, I feel like I've started to get away from that because you could go for 300 yards and have five touchdowns and it's great, and you lose and there's no feeling – it's not a good feeling. Okay, you had a good game, but you still lost. I hate losing. It's just more about winning. Of course I would love to have more yards than Hopkins, but that's not what you go out there to do. I'd love to go against DBs and play a better game than them, but it's really more about getting wins.

*Q: I know you're friends with (Antonio Brown) and you're an expert at handling this stuff at this point of your career, what would you say to him? I know you realize what's going on with him. As a friend, what do you say to him? What advice do you give him? He's had some problems there in Pittsburgh the last few days. *A: I don't know. I just feel like he'll have his opportunities. Sometimes you just get caught up in the heat of the moment, I think he knows. I don't know if there's much I could really tell him, I think he knows what you can and cannot do and just about locking in more, being with your teammates, and starting to get back on track. He's the best in the league, he has over 10-15 catches every single game and he usually can help his team get wins, so he's going to find his rhythm. I think he knows everything that he needs.

CB Janoris Jenkins

Q: …with #10 today, or this week?

A: I don't know, you tell me. I'm just going to go out there and play football. You'll have to wait and see on Sunday.

*Q: What do you think of him as a receiver? *

A: He's good, great hands, nice route runner. They love to target him a lot, so we will be ready.

*Q: Are they easy to frustrate with a jam on the line of scrimmage? *

A: Sometimes, but it depends on how they act, how they react. I don't know, I just go there and do what I've got to do. Play football.

*Q: There are good receivers but I would say this week in Week 3, these are better guys than you've played the first two weeks, I would say.   *

A: Yeah, you can say that. To me, everybody on the field is good. Treat everybody the same.

Q: (DeAndre Hopkins) is a guy that's obviously a really good receiver but when people talk about the top guys, they don't always mention him. How do you view it?

A: I just see he's got great hands, great route runner, I won't get into all that top-five and top-ten receivers and stuff. Just play football.

*Q: He's a talker?  *

A: This is my first time playing him. I don't really know him like that.

Q: (Will Fuller), the main thing is speed?

A: Yeah. Deep guy, can stay on top. Just play football.

Q: Does (Deshaun Watson) like to attack downfield, vertically? It seems like whenever they get an opportunity-

A: Yeah, he attacks every opportunity he gets, he also likes to scramble, which we know. We've just got to stay focused and play football.

Q: Are you concerned about Eli Apple with the hamstring?

A: No, I'm not concerned. It's part of football, and I'm the next man up.

*Q: When two high-quality players go at each other, mano a mano for the first time, who usually has the edge? *

A: You tell me. I don't know.

*Q: If you go up against a guy five or six or seven times, then it's the guy who gets more familiar with the other, who studied him better and learned more. But if it's the first time, is that more instinctive? *

A: It'll be a great battle. Playing off instincts and just what you see on films.

Q: How is he different than most guys you've faced?

A: Nice ball reader, judgment of the ball, got great hands, he's okay with speed, route running ability is pretty nice. Just don't let him get his hands on the ball, basically. Don't let him touch it.

*Q: How important is this game for you guys? You're 0-2. 0-3 is a humongous hole. What kind of pressure do you look at it as? *

A: One game at a time. We understand what we're in, what we got ourselves in, and we feel like we're way better than that, so we're just going to come out and play football, and have fun.

CB B.W. Webb

Q: (Inaudible)

A: Yeah man, definitely man. You got some great receivers over there. I know (DeAndre) Hopkins and (Will) Fuller. Fuller is a real fast guy and got real good hands and you know Hopkins is Hopkins, great hands, great ball skills, so you got to be ready to come in and play.

Q: Is the outside a more natural spot? You've worked mostly inside, but your training has been very much inside also.

A: I'm going to play wherever they tell me to play. Coach does a great job in getting me prepared wherever I'm at on the field, so wherever they put me I'm alright with that.

Q: Can you talk about the matchups with Hopkins and Fuller and the unique challenges those guys present to…

A: Hopkins is Hopkins, you know. He's a great player, great receiver, great hands, great ball skills, and Fuller, he'll take you up top. He's a fast guy, great hands also. We just have to stay on what we're doing and do what we do great.

Q: Do they respond well to jams? I know some receivers can fight them off, some can't. I mean, what do you see on tape?

A: We just have to play our game. Whatever the defense calls for us to do, we have to do that great. Whatever they do differently, we just have to make plays on it.

Q: The fact that (Deshaun) Watson has such a strong arm and can rifle it on the move 60, 70 yards, how much of an issue is that?

A: Yeah, he's a great quarterback. He keeps plays alive with his feet, so we definitely have to be on them down the field longer in the down and when he's scrambling, just stay on our responsibilities.