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Quotes: Manning, Tuck - 11/29

COACH TOM COUGHLINCoughlin: Good Morning. We're excited. In the division, against the Washington Redskins, obviously a team that's won two games in a row in the division, and feel very good about themselves. Following our game with them, they lost a couple of tough games to Pittsburgh and to Carolina, and they bounced back and scored 69 points in the last two weeks, so obviously they do have the ability to score. They're 12, they're offense is seventh overall, 26.8 points per game. They do an outstanding job of that. Defensively, they're third in the league against the run. They've always been a very difficult, sticky, team against the run. Their pressure package has been turned up a little bit in the last couple weeks; that's how we remember them playing. They've forced 22 turnovers. They have 14 interceptions. They've done an outstanding job along those lines. As I said, they're 12, we're 13. They're 11th in kickoff coverage. They're sixth in punt coverage. They have Banks as the outstanding returner. They have a well-rounded football team and we're anxious to get back out on the field and start to work against this Washington Redskin team.


Q:  What is a key focus heading into this game?
A: I think we need to protect the football. They do a good job on defense at getting turnovers. They do a good job at getting pressure so we have to protect the ball offensively and be patient. Hopefully we'll have the right calls at the right times and hit some big plays.

Q:  What do you need to do better in this game compared to your last meeting?
A: I had two turnovers last time in the game so we need to fix that. I thought we were very good at third-down last time. I thought we were pretty good in the red zone getting touchdowns. I thought we played pretty well most of the game, except for those two turnovers.

Q:  Is Monday Night Football a big day for you, or is it just another game?
A: Monday Night games are always fun; big game in the division that means something. (It) should be a great crowd and a good atmosphere. Obviously, the game is the most important thing, and (I'm) looking forward to playing in these important games.


Q: You're facing RG3 for the second time. How much do you draw on the first experience and learn from that?
A: I think playing this offense it will benefit us having… I think they said something about we were the first team to play him twice, but I think they're going to change some things up. I think they're going to show us some different looks. I think they're going to have some things in this game plan that they didn't necessarily feature in the first game plan. So at the end of the day you've still got to play your keys, you've still got to kind of play this team honest and that's why they've been so successful because you have to play them honest and when we you've got an athlete like they do at quarterback, playing them honest gives them the upper hand. It definitely does, so we've just got to make sure we are in tune and communicating and make sure everybody is on the same page and I think we'll have some success against them. But if we allow them to kind of dictate what we're doing and then we're not going to go out there and communicate, it can be a long day for us.

Q: The first game seemed like a tale of two halves. How does that happen?
A: I don't know. Adjustments, making plays in certain situations… I think that's what happened to us in the second half. We kind of made some plays in some situations, but I think they did a great job against us. I think they match up well with us. Their scheme is an equalizer. It kind of takes away what we want to do as far as being aggressive as a defense. It's going to be trouble for us.

Q: Is there an emotional switch at halftime? Did you play angrier in the second half of the first game?
A: You never want to play angry. You want to play with a lot of passion and play with a lot of energy. But angry? Angry clouds your judgment sometimes and you think you're doing something great and it ends up hurting the football team. So angry is not the right word, but you definitely have to play with a lot of passion and a lot of speed and a lot of energy against a team like this because everything they do is fast and you've got to make a decision on has he handed a ball off? Is it a keep? Is it a run? Is it a pass and all of that is a split second decision. If you make the wrong decision, it's a big play. If you make a right decision, you have a chance to stop them.


Q: How was practice for you?
A: I thought it was good. It was a good experience, good tempo. A lot of good guys are here helping me out showing my way around, so I'm enjoying myself.

Q: What did you know about the offense before you came here?
A: Nothing. Nothing at all, but the coaches have been working close with me and just taking it all in and doing pretty good with it.

Q: Did you know any of the guys going in?
A: I got an old teammate, Justin Tryon, and a couple of friends. Not too many.

Q:  Are they going to throw you in the special teams mix?
A: Yeah, I was on practice kickoff return and punt team today. We'll go over the other special teams tomorrow and I'll try to get on those too.Q:  Are those familiar to you?

A:  Yeah, I've done special teams since I've been in the league, so I'm used to it. That's where you have to make your money.Q:

You in touch with D.J. Ware at all?
A: Yeah, I talked to him many times since he got picked up by Tampa. I talked to him, but I haven't talked to him about New York's offense. I'll pick his brain, though; he can give me some pointers.READ MORE >>

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