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RB Jacobs on the Giants run game


Q: What have you seen from the running game the last two weeks?

A: I think we have guys in the right place. I think guys are working hard and doing everything they can to make the run game work. I think the offensive line is doing a fabulous job of moving people out of the way and I think E (Eli) is doing a great job of getting us in things that we need to be in. Our coaches are confident in what we are doing and I am confident in what we are doing. We just have to keep going.

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Q: After last week, do you feel like the running game is where it needs to be?

A:* *I didn't feel like we were quite back to where we were but I think it was a step in the right direction. In order to get something back to where it was, you have to take baby steps to go towards that goal. I felt good about how things worked out last week, we just have to keep going. We have three tough games coming up and three of the same defenses as well. They are all physical and they all play hard. It is going to be a dog fight.

Q: Did it bother you that it had become such a passing offense?

A: As long as we are winning. Victor made plays, Hakeem made plays, Mario made plays and Ballard. It doesn't really bother me. As long as we are winning and we can contribute the best we can, that's all I want to do.

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Q: Was it a good feeling for you to be able to run like that against Dallas?

A: It was a good feeling. I try to take advantage of the opportunity and run hard when I can let my ability take over. That is when things are fun.

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Q: Are you saying that you would like the ball more?

A: No, I got the ball 18 times or somewhere around there and that is the most I have got the ball all year. We never rushed one guy more than that much anyway and I thought that was fine. I thought there were a few things that we could have done better. We could have scored more points. We got down there a couple times and didn't get to get any touchdowns and I just wish we could straighten that out.

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Q: How do you feel about breaking the Giants rushing touchdown record?

A: That is something that I had my eye on since Week One really. I wanted to do that and it is always good to be in the record books and have an opportunity to be mentioned down the line. That is something for your kids to see. The line did a great job and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be there.

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