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TE Jake Ballard updates his playing status


Q: How are you feeling?

A: It is getting better every day. Like I said, it is day-to-day. I am going to keep rehabbing and try to build the strength up and hopefully be able to go. We will see.

Q: Do you feel confident about the opportunities if you play against Dallas considering the game you had last time you played them?

A: Yes, we feel like we know them pretty well and what they are going to try to do to affect us. We are going to do what we do and, obviously, play better than we have the last couple weeks. This is a playoff game for us.

Q: Is there a good shot that you will play?

A: It is day-to-day, we will see.

* *

Q: Have they told you what they want you to do?

A: I haven't even run outside yet so we will see what happens.

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