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TE Travis Beckum Transcript

Q: How is your health?A: It is good. Obviously I missed the first game and I am anxious to get out there. It has been a while with the whole lockout stuff but I am anxious to get out there and play and have some fun.

Q: Is it the same issue as before?A: I think it had something to do with me being off and not being adjusted. So I have been making sure I stay on top of that and it's getting better.

Q: What happened the other day in practice when Kevin Gilbride yelled at you on the practice field?A: I messed up a play and obviously with him being the offensive coordinator it is his job to be upset about it. I actually talked to him about it and it was just a miss communication and that's all it was. I think that if you didn't know what was going on then you kind of got a misrepresentation of what was going on.

Q: What kind of miscommunication was it?A: He just didn't want me in that play and then I ran the wrong way so he was frustrated about that.

Q: How nice was it to end practice with a nice catch?A: Obviously catching as many balls is great for me and coming through and putting our team in a position to score.

Q: Who put you back in?A: I think coach Gilbride wanted me in regardless. I think the day before we had did a two-minute drill with the ones and the next day with the twos so he wanted me to take some reps with them.

Q: How do you feel about playing on the line?A: The thing about the NFL is that you pay these guys X amount of dollars to do what they excel at. That is just stating the obvious and I think I read what coach Pope said. If anybody has any kind of smarts, why would you want to put a 235 pound tight end against a 290 pound defensive end for the whole game? That is just common sense. There are plays that they will put you position to do it, yes but as far as every down… Kevin was 270 pounds and that's a big difference. I am definitely willing to do it but I think the coaches are just going to put me in the best position to have success and maybe that is just moving around.

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