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The Manning Report: Facing the Cowboys


There's been a lot of talk about the Cowboys' new 4-3 defensive scheme.  You are obviously familiar with their personnel. When you go into that quarterbacks room to begin scouting your opponent on Tuesday, are you more concerned with scheme or personnel?

"I think when you're playing Dallas, you know the personnel pretty well. You've played the same guys the last couple of years so you know the personnel well. You're just looking at scheme and most of the preparation is how do they play their zone, what do they do on third down, what do they do in the red zone. You're looking at technique, schemes, what plays, how they're going to turn out, how they're going to work and whether they're going to be good concepts for you that week."

You were elected a team captain for the seventh time. Is it still meaningful for you to get that recognition?

**"I think it's important that the players think that you're a leader and you're going to put them in a situation to win games and be accountable throughout the whole season. I take great pride in that and try to be a good leader on the field and off the field."

Everyone points to the Baltimore and Atlanta games last year as the reason the Giants didn't make the playoffs, but the loss in the first game to Dallas was just as costly. Are you trying to stress that this game is just as important as one that you play in December?
"Sure. Especially these division games, they are so important and you never know which game's going to be the difference in whether you make the playoffs or not. And if you make the playoffs, then you can win a championship. You don't know what game is going to be the difference in whether you have a successful season or not. So you have to take every game seriously, every game is so important to the final outcome of the season. You can't let any games slip away. You have to try to win those games when you have opportunities to."

I'd be remiss if I didn't ask this today: were you somewhat impressed with the quarterback of the Denver Broncos last night?
"Yeah, he did okay. He did alright. He makes it look easy. I don't appreciate that. I know it definitely is harder than what it looked like, especially that second half, but he played pretty outstanding. It was fun to watch."

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