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Three reasons why Dave Gettleman is the right GM hire

gettleman-122917.jpg's John Schmeelk addresses three topics surrounding new Giants' GM Dave Gettleman:

After interviewing four candidates, the Giants found their next general manager in Dave Gettleman. The Giants announced the hire on Thursday, and the reactions are coming in.

Here I will address three major concerns I've heard from fans since the hire was made:

This is simply not factually correct. The last time Dave Gettleman ran a department for the Giants was 2011, before moving to more of an advisory position in 2012. He hasn't been with the team for five years. In his time with the Giants from 1998-2011 he was the team's pro personnel director. He was not involved in the college scouting process, which Jerry Reese was ultimately in charge of (along with Marc Ross). As general manager, Gettleman will now be responsible for something he was not a part of when he was here in his first tenure.

He also evaluates players differently than Jerry Reese does. No two people see players the same way. Based on Gettleman's drafts when he was in Carolina, he does view players and values positions and characteristics differently than Reese did. There will be a change in evaluation. I understand why fans would be nervous about someone who was here for 15 years coming back, but there will be more of a change than fans think.

His tenure in Carolina was not successful.(FALSE)

This one baffles me the most. Gettleman's Panthers made the playoffs three of four years between 2013 and 2016. It is true that the 15-1 team that went to the Super Bowl had important holdovers from the previous regime in Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen and Thomas Davis. But Gettleman still had great impact on that roster after being general manager for three seasons. The Panthers had not made the playoffs in the four seasons prior to Gettleman's arrival, and left him a messy salary cap to clean up. He did that while winning football games.

The team he built before he was dismissed over the summer is 11-4 in 2017 with a chance at earning a first-round bye. The Panthers have given up the seventh-fewest yards this season, a defense that was primarily built by Gettleman.

Some have brought up his rocky relationship with some of the veteran players who departed Carolina. The fact of the matter is he had to make tough decisions on older players because of the Panthers' salary cap situation, and that will ruffle feathers sometimes. Unfortunately, those are tough business decisions that have to be made even if they are unpopular.

This is not the "complete overhaul" John Mara said the team needed.(FALSE)

Patience. The assumption is that Gettleman is not going to make significant changes, but that could prove to be a faulty one, too. Don't expect all the changes to be announced immediately either. Odds are, no matter who was hired, that some changes would not take place until after the draft in April. It is difficult to make changes in the college scouting department in the middle of the evaluation process when the people here are the ones who have been watching college eligible players all year. And no one else besides Dave Gettleman knows what changes he has in mind. Just give him time to make them.

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