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WR Victor Cruz Transcript


Q: Is your goal to be the third receiver this year?A: That's definitely a position I'm striving for. That's my goal, that third receiver position. I kind of just do my best, do the best that I can do.  I understand this offense a lot better now this year. Just trying to show the coaches that I'm comfortable. The coaches and the whole staff will make the decision.

Q: Certainly a lot to live up to after last preseason.A: Definitely. Last year was a bit of an adjustment too because I was coming into a new offense but that first game in last preseason was amazing and you always want to kind of follow that up with a good performance.

Q: Tom seemed to say that you were in the right place meaning your assignments were right, is that what you're seeing?A: Yeah, I think I'm seeing that. I'm understanding the coverages a little bit better this year and I understand what my reads are as far as route running and I'm a little bit more comfortable in that sense. I think it's coming together for me a little bit better this year and hopefully I can get that third spot.

Q: So last year when you were making plays were you just kind of doing it on instinct?A: It was mainly instinct. A lot of those plays were conversion routes where if the defense was playing a certain coverage I would just convert it to a go route and that's what basically all those touchdowns were on those conversion go routes but now I'm in the slot, I'm playing more, I have to read more defenses and kind of read between the backers and safeties and stuff like that.  Every day I'm getting a little bit more and more comfortable.

Q: Did you play in the slot at UMass at all?A: I played the slot at UMass as well and I got lucky because we had a concept type of offense at UMass and here is similar concepts and stuff like that, meaning concept as far as no matter where you're at on the field, let's say you were lined up outside, whether you were lined up there or on the other side you would have the same exact route.  It was all concept like if there's a hook here, post here, slant in, no matter where you're at there still going to be those same three routes.

Q: How hard was it to be shut down early last year?A: It was pretty difficult.

Q: It was probably something you could've come back from.A: Yeah, yeah definitely. I trust the staff here and I trust everybody in the training room and they were honest with me and told me what my span was as far as recovery and things like that but it was tough coming off that preseason and hopefully looking at getting some time during the regular season and hopefully they can insert you somehow and then for that to happen and to be down for the rest of the year it was pretty tough.

Q: They certainly could've used you to when the receivers started falling.A: Yeah exactly and as the season progressed to see those guys one-by-one started to go down, it was kind of hurtful to see that.  Especially for them, you never want to see somebody get injured and then for me I could've probably stepped in and helped the team out.

Q: We were always getting emails about why don't they put Cruz back in?A: Yeah people asking me on Twitter, all kinds of crazy things but I was like just settle down, be patient, I'm on IR and there's nothing I can do about it but it's a new year so hopefully I can change that.

Q: Just in your interviews here you seem to be more relaxed. Do you feel that way?A: Yeah a little bit. Mainly that comes from just being comfortable, knowing the offense, knowing how your skill relates to the offense and what pro's and con's you bring to this offense and I feel like I bring a lot of pro's and I feel like I can do some good things in this offense. Obviously, there are still a lot of things I have to work on because you want to get better every day, nothing's perfect, but day in and day out I just try to get better.

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