A considerable part of any offensive lineman’s job is to have his QB’s back.

Justin Pugh believes that mantra doesn’t just apply to protecting Eli Manning on Sundays.

Since Pugh moved to Jersey City last year, the five-year veteran has formed an unlikely friendship with his neighbor Bill. The two bonded after Pugh helped Bill retain his apartment, which he was in jeopardy of losing.

“I had seen him every day and I saw him out on the stoop and I always just knew him as like the guy kind of like the neighborhood watch,” Pugh said in an Uninterrupted feature chronicling their friendship. “He’s always out there, he’s always saying hello, he’s always nice.”

Behind four months on his rent, Bill wrote Justin a letter and left the note on Pugh’s gate. Bill thought the letter would blow away, but Pugh got it.

“I guess it was kind of crazy this guy left a note on my gate and literally within an hour, I was writing him a check to pay his rent,” Pugh said. “It wasn’t going to hurt me and set me back and I was able to help someone stay in their home who’s been there for nearly 30 years; I thought it was just a no brainer. Something you don’t even think about twice.”

Pugh then spoke to Bill’s landlord about making sure he got his Social Security checks in the mail and to ensure he was paying his rent on time. Pugh also got on Bill’s son to start coming over more and helping out some.

“I didn’t even know this guy at the time, but he came to my aid and my assistance,” said Bill, who is 40 years Justin’s senior. “Without him, I’d probably be homeless right now.”

The unlikely duo have become fast friends. They watch movies together. They order pizza. Bill has a new cell phone that Pugh likes to give him a hard time about. Bill even volunteered to take out Pugh’s garbage on Sundays, which Pugh pays him for now.

“Justin is as close to me as anybody in my life has been,” Bill said.

“I know I don’t like to be alone, so I know some days when he’s texting me or I see him, I know he doesn’t like to be alone either, so we can help each other out in that space,” Pugh said. “It’s a special thing that we have.”

“You can be a billionaire and have all the money in the world, but there’s two things you can’t buy,” Bill said. “That’s health and love.”

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