Players and Pets: Romeo Okwara and Samo the Frenchie

Posted Feb 19, 2018


Romeo Okwara has close teammates, but we all know who is man’s best friend. Meet Samo, a one-year-old French bulldog keeping the 22-year-old defensive end company off the field.

"I always wanted a French bulldog," Okwara said. "They're pretty cool dogs. They're a little weird; I think everyone knows that. They're very playful and they're pretty relaxed and chill at times. So I thought it would be the perfect dog for an apartment."

Okwara named the dog after Jean-Michel “SAMO” Basquiat, a New York City street artist during the late 70s and early 80s. According to Okwara, he's a great travel companion, easy to take care of, and enjoys playing with other dogs at the park.

"He has a mind of his own," Okwara said. "He does his own thing. He doesn't do a lot of walking and gets tired really easily. He's pretty lazy and very spoiled which is probably my fault, but it's alright."

Samo is also a social media star. Check out his Instagram page HERE and take a look at a couple of his posts below.

The view is quite nice from up here

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SAMO©️ Phone Home : @niknikameli

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