Eisen's Mailbag: Captain Casillas

Posted Jan 22, 2017

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• How do you feel Jonathan Casillas performed as a team captain in his first year in that role?

The easiest way to answer that question is to listen to the feedback from his teammates. And many of them, particularly on defense, said Casillas provided excellent leadership on the team. He as a constant and vocal presence on the field and in the locker room.


A two-time Super Bowl winner, he gathered the team around him before a late-season practice to remind everyone that postseason opportunities can’t be taken for granted, and to immediately get into a postseason mindset. Casillas was also a leader by example, finishing second on the team with 92 tackles.

• Which position group needs the biggest upgrade for the 2017 season?

All of them – seriously. If you stand still in the NFL, you’re falling behind. Every team in the league is constantly looking to upgrade its roster, even if that means acquiring a better 53rd man than you now have. More specifically, the Giants’ most obvious deficiency in 2016 was an inability to effectively and consistently run the ball. The Giants finished 30th in the NFL, averaging 88.3 yards a game. So that leads to players responsible for the ground game, the offensive line and running backs. The Giants might also consider adding a fullback and/or a blocking tight end. But it’s safe to say the Giants will want more production from their rushing attack in 2017.


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