Eisen's Mailbag: Scouting prospects at the Combine

Posted Feb 21, 2017's Michael Eisen discusses the NFL Combine and Paul Perkins' potential:

What is the number one thing scouts look for at the NFL Combine?

It depends on the scout and the player he’s looking at. If a scout is familiar with a player from watching him play in person or on tape, he might be most concerned with how he comes across in an interview – his football intelligence, attitude, and personality.

If the player is more of a mystery to him, his initial concerns might be more to the physical side – size, speed, strength, and, for example, arm strength for a quarterback or route-running if he’s a receiver. Each organization has baseline attributes they look for at each position, but every scout has his own personal point of emphasis.


Does Paul Perkins have the potential to be the Giants' best late-round pick since Ahmad Bradshaw?

Among running backs he certainly he is. Bradshaw was a seventh-round selection in 2007. The only late-round backs the Giants have since selected were Da’Rel Scott in 2011 and Michael Cox in 2013, each of whom was taken in the seventh round. Perkins was a fifth-round selection (149th overall), so he is on his way to being the team’s best third-day selection at his positon in a while. His main competition for best overall late-round choice is linebacker Devon Kennard, a fifth round (174th overall) selection in 2014.

Kennard has started 24 of 37 games, and has a NFC Defensive Player of the Week Award to his credit. He’s the Giants’ most productive draft choice taken after the fourth round since Bradshaw. Perkins can supplant him, but has some catching up to do.

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