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Saquon Barkley | 22Q

I have chosen 22Q because it hits directly home with me. My niece, Myra, has this rare genetic disease and I want to help bring awareness for everyone that is affected by it.

WR Sterling Shepard (87)

Sterling Shepard | AHA & Alzheimer's

My dad died of a heart attack when I was 6 years old and my grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. This is a way for me to bring awareness to causes that are close to me.

S Michael Thomas (31)

Michael Thomas | Michael Thomas Dreambuilders Foundation

I have a passion for helping our youth out when it comes to anything dealing with academics and improving their childhood with any type of resources.

WR Darius Slayton (86)

Darius Slayton | ACS

A couple years ago, one of my close friend's father passed away from colon cancer. I want to help raise awareness for colon cancer, and all cancers, to hopefully help other people get checked regularly and try to catch cancer early.


Golden Tate | Golden Future Foundation

The whole goal of the Golden Future Foundation is to enrich the lives of our current military and our veterans along with their families. They have sacrificed a great deal for our freedom and we want to do what we can to support them.


Evan Engram | Special Olympics New Jersey & ALS 

The Special Olympics is important because it shows that, even if someone has a disability, they can still be active and participate in sports just like everyone else. I want these kids to know that anything is possible. ALS is an association that raises awareness for one of the scariest diseases and I want to help to keep pushing for awareness and research.


Dalvin Tomlinson | Kate's Club

I chose Kate's Club because it helps young kids and people deal with the grief that comes with losing someone at a young age. This is something that hits home with me because I lost both of my parents at a young age.


Eli Manning | Tackle Kids Cancer

A few years ago, Hackensack Hospital started Tackle Kids Cancer, which works on researching and finding a cure for all childhood cancers. No kid should have to experience cancer during their childhood. They should be at home, in school, hanging out with friends and laughing.


Nate Solder | Compassion International

My family and I have been working with Compassion International for a few years now. They do such incredible work creating disciples and bringing out of poverty in the name of Jesus. They have been doing it for years, they are really good at what they do, and every dollar matters.


Markus Golden | Sickle Cell Foundation

My cousin, Jonah, growing up had sickle cell at 10 years old and he ended up passing away from it. When I was growing up, my whole family always talked about Sickle Cell, so I feel like this is my way to represent for him and for my family.


Rhett Ellison | Project KIND

I was able to see first-hand how impactful the work that Jenny DePaul is doing has on people experiencing homelessness. Jenny founded Project KIND and can make a personal connection with all the people she helps, and I wanted to be a part of that.


Will Hernandez | El Paso Victims Education Fund (El Paso Community Foundation)

I chose this organization because I wanted to find a way to help all of those that were impacted by the El Paso shooting. I think this is a way to positively impact the kids and help them get an education.


Jon Halapio | Friends of Tonga

I am of Tongan decent and with the limited resources on the island it means a lot to me that people are working to provide opportunities and education to our kids.


Lorenzo Carter | ACS

My parents have been affected by cancer, and so have my grandparents. It is very important to me to recognize this cause because I lost my grandmother from cancer and my grandfather was just diagnosed with throat cancer and he is about to start chemotherapy treatments. This is something very close to my heart.


B.J. Hill | Kingdom Citizens Outreach Ministries

Kingdom Citizens Outreach Ministries works to provide people with the necessary resources to live. It is awesome to be able to go out to this group in different communities and help any way that I can.


Dexter Lawrence | Jayda Dionne Parker Scholarship Fund

My cousin died from cancer and this foundation was made to help students get a head-start for college by providing funds to high school students.


Oshane Ximines | MSP

I want to bring awareness to Domestic Violence because I want to make sure that my younger sisters never have to experience it.


Sam Beal | Alzheimer's Association, ACS

My mom is a nurse for people with Alzheimer's disease, she would bring me to work sometimes and I realized how much I wanted to bring awareness to those that are going through that. I have two women in my family that passed away from cancer and my mom is a cancer survivor so I wanted to support those that are very close to me.

Sean Chandler

Sean Chandler | Institute of Community Living

I was honored to be recognized by the Institute of Community Living for my personal achievements despite difficult circumstances as a child. I feel like it is important to show them that their support of families like mine means a lot to me and I want to pay it back.


Cody Core | Brain Aneurism Fdtn.

My mother passed away from a brain aneurism, so this cause is something that means a lot to me.

Riley Dixon

Riley Dixon | Uplifting Athletes

My long snapper in college brought Uplifting Athletes to Syracuse. We wanted to raise money for a punter, Rob Long, who was previously on the team and has now become one of my best friends.


Grant Haley | Primary sclerosing cholangitis, American Liver Foundation

I chose the American Liver Foundation, PSC specifically, because my mother was diagnosed with PSC seven years ago and she was able to finally get a transplant this year and it is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.


Antonio Hamilton | ALITE foundation

ALITE stands for "At Least I Try Everyday". It is a foundation that I started with my mom for kids that are coming up in poverty like I did and show them that as long as they try everyday they can keep moving forward.


Julian Love | Andrew Weishar Fdtn.

My college roommate, Nick Weishar, and his family started this foundation after his brother died of cancer at a young age. They do a lot of great work for families that are experiencing childhood cancer and I am happy to be a part of it.


Kareem Martin | American Diabetes Association & Lupus Foundation of America

My mother and father dealt with these diseases and I want to support them by bringing awareness to these causes.


David Mayo | Salute to Service

I have two brothers that served in the Army and served a tour in Afghanistan. I want to support them and all our military.


Chris Peace | My Sister's Place

I know domestic violence is a problem in this world and I went through it when I was younger and saw my Grandma, who is the person nearest and dearest to my heart, go through it too. I want to bring awareness to both domestic violence and human trafficking.


Eli Penny | American Cancer Society & My Sister's Place

My family has been impacted by both cancer and domestic violence, which is why I want to represent the American Cancer Society and My Sister's Place.


Chad Slade | AHA & MS

My grandmother died of heart disease and my mom was recently diagnose with MS. These two women are my rocks and I want to be able to bring awareness to these causes for them.


Eric Smith | Autism Speaks

My younger brother is Autistic and has Asperger's. He is on the lower-end of the spectrum and has difficulties in social settings but does well in school and lives a normal life. He is the reason why I want to bring awareness to this cause.


Alex Tanney | Tackle MS with Alex Tanney

Around eight years ago, my wife and I found out that her sister was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We got together and decided that this MS was the cause that we wanted to get behind and started our own foundation.