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1.11 Postgame C Shaun O' Hara

* How empty does it feel?*

It's pretty much the worst feeling in the world. You almost wonder if it's better to not make the playoffs than to exit like we did today.

* Fourth downs and unable to convert them. Does that say that this offense didn't produce today?*

I don't know how that happens. I think we take full responsibility for it up front. There is no way you shouldn't get a first down on a quarterback sneak on fourth and inches. There's no excuse.

Field goals instead of touchdowns - how frustrating is that?
We played a lot of football today that I don't think we would describe as Giants football. We pride ourselves on our winning formula which is no turnovers and no penalties and to not convert on opportunities – there are a lot of things out there you can look at. We should of scored touchdowns early on in this game it would have been a different game.
Are you surprised you didn't put more points on the board considering how well you were running the ball?
Well I think we're always going to be able to run the football but I think we needed to finish the drives and that's probably the most disheartening thing. We got down there a number of times and to only come away with field goals – there is no excuse for that. We should have punched it in, we should have gotten touchdowns and we kept putting our defense in a touch spot and they played their butts off but offensively we had no one to blame but
Was the most frustrating thing having a first-and-5 late in the first half and couldn't convert and settled for a field goal and then they go down and take the lead?
Yeah there were lots of opportunities. On the opening kickoff things couldn't have started any better. We marched right down the field, we were moving, and then we ended up kicking a field goal. Who's to say what that looks like if we get a touchdown on that first position and make a statement. It would have given our defense some room to play. Then the Fred Robbins interception; we had great starting position a number of times. The one thing we've done a great job of all year is putting the ball in the end zone and getting those touchdowns. We didn't do that today.
What is the difference between finishing those drives and missing out on those opportunities?
I think it's not very big. It's very small. It's an ankle tackle here and a better block here and a finished block there. It's something we're used to doing but for whatever reason it didn't happen today.

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