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1.11 Postgame DE Mathias Kiwanuka

Q. How would you characterize today's performance?

A. Not good.

Q. And this season?

A. I mean, we did some great things during the regular season, but none of that really matters now.

Q. Is the team kind of in shock when something like this happens?

A. I mean we're in shock anytime we lose a football game. We play every game to win and when that doesn't happen, we're obviously going to be a little shocked. We bring our A-game every game, it doesn't matter if we're home or on the road. We didn't do that today and they capitalized on the. That's what the playoffs are all about... you have to find a way to win the football game. 

Q. How do you feel after you looked at the stats and noticed that you guys shut down Brian Westbrook but still weren't able to get Philadelphia off of the field?

A. Obviously it wasn't good enough. Coming into the game, that was going to be a focal point for us and we did a pretty good job at it, but there's 10 other guys on the football field. We didn't get enough pressure on Donovan McNabb and he really hurt us on some plays. Give those guys credit, they came in here and beat us…as tough as that is to swallow, that's exactly what happened.

Q. How did you feel like you handled everything throughout the season?

A. I think I did it well, but that really doesn't matter to me now. I could care less if I didn't even make a tackle... I really just wanted to win this football game.

Q. How limited have you been for the past month? Do you think you'll need any surgery?

A. We haven't talked about it yet, but obviously I was a little beat up the last couple of games. You can't make that excuse, because everybody else is, too. Like I said, you have to find a way to dig deep and get the job done. For me personally, that's unacceptable, I always say I am my biggest critic. I don't make excuses about anything…I couldn't get the job done today.

Q. How frustrating was it for you when they were able to convert on that third and twenty?

A. That play kind of broke our back. We did everything we could on first and second down to get them into a third-and-twenty situation. We got some really good pressure on McNabb, but he did a good job at avoiding it and made us pay. That play was a perfect example of how they were able to win today. They made plays when they needed to and we didn't…you just can't win football games likes that.

Q. You guys were missing a lot of the key guys from last year's team, but it didn't really seem to affect you throughout the season. Do you think it finally caught up with you guys…that you ran out of gas?

A. I don't think so. I mean we had a better record this year than what we had last year. Offensively, we did more things this year and defensively, I think we were better this year than we were last year. Obviously, it would have helped if we did have those guys, but like I said, there is no excuse. The guys that were out there today played their hearts out and that's what makes this team so special. We don't care who's out there, as long as we have eleven guys, we know we have a pretty good chance at winning a football game.

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