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1.11 Postgame K John Carney

You had a Pro Bowl season. Why was today so tough?

Well the first miss I didn't play the wind and the second field goal I placed exactly where I wanted to but it just stayed there. You try your best to predict the winds and hope that most of the time you predict them right but today I was a victim of it.

* How disappointing is this for you?*

Extremely disappointing. – I think everybody in the locker room expected to be playing next week and after a great season and the momentum we had during the course of the season we felt that we can push this deep in the playoffs and I think we all feel like we missed a great opportunity.

* On the first one did you do what you normally do despite the wind?*

Well I could've hit it better that's for sure. I didn't realize the wind was going to push it that far and the second one was exactly where I wanted it to be but it just stayed left. From outside of 40 you have to take the wind into consideration and that's what I was doing. I just didn't calculate it correctly today.

* How disappointing is it to fall short of a Super Bowl?*

It's extremely disappointing. All 32 teams line up in September for that ring and in January we had an opportunity to make a real shot at that but we came up short.

* Wind was at your back for the two kicks?*


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