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1.11 Postgame RB Brandon Jacobs

Being here after a loss?

It would have never of crossed anybody's mind in the locker room but when you go out and play like that on offense you didn't execute. I thought our defense played very good football. They barely had any yards and I don't think us as an offense held up our end of the stick and we got down there a few times and kicking field goals is just not good enough to beat a team like that.

* Unable to convert on the two fourth downs – how disappointing was that?*

It was very disappointing as far as us executing. We didn't do very well at all. At some point during the game we had things going our way and then the tables turned. But that's just the playoffs. That's how things go. You just have to be able to fight against adversity and just keep playing. We never got off our backs and did anything about it.

* It seemed like the offense was inconsistent. How difficult was that to deal with?*

It was very difficult. For an offense as powerful as ours not to get those conversions when the team needed us to – once again it comes down to executing and we didn't do very well in the pass or the run.

* Do you realize how special last year was because of how fast things can change in one way or the other?*

Yeah, what we did last year was very special. I would like to say that Philadelphia is us from last year and they said that too. Like I said we couldn't come out and match their intensity and execute.

* Has it hit you yet that the season is over?*

Yes it has hit me and you can't do anything but move forward, workout, try to get better, try to get bigger, fast, stronger and that is the time of year it is for people on this football team.

* What would you have done differently to change the execution?*

There are a lot of things we could have done. We could have come off the ball a lot better. The backs could have had better reads. We overran a lot of holes that we there. We had some good opportunities in the pass but like I said us as a whole, the offense as a whole didn't execute. There is not a particular area we just didn't do what we were supposed to do and we lost the game.

* Were there any surprises today from either team?*

No there really weren't. They played us like the played us every time we play them and I think they just wanted it more than we did. We couldn't match their intensity. Once you have a situation like that and can't take advantage of it it's pretty bad. When you play against a good team your intensity is supposed to be high and I don't think it was high enough.

* Any idea why?*

I have no idea. In a game like this, with everything at stake, it's supposed to be. The game is over. We lost and all we can do is get better.

* Any time the season ends in disappointment you want to come back stronger the next year. How much do you want to be a part of this?*

I want to be a part of this just as much as the owner wants to be the owner. This where I want to be and this is where I hope I am next year. The season is over now and we have a lot to focus on. Of course we have to get better and like I said bigger, stronger and faster and just try to come out and have a better year next year because I don't have any doubt in my mind that I will be here. I think I'll be here and that's that. I'm putting myself on this football team next year.

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