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1.11 Postgame RB Derrick Ward

It's real devastating to end a season like this. It's hard to even talk about but they were the better team today and we wish them all the best now. They are in the NFC East so we want to keep the Super Bowl here.

* They were committing to the run. What made you guys tick with the run?*

That's what we do. We run the ball. We're not going to change anything because we have eight or nine in the box. We're still going to pond them and I think we put up close to 150 yards rushing but we just we're ready as a team today.

* Field goals instead touchdown in a playoff game is not enough is it?*

No it's not and you can't win any playoff games with just field goals. Not to get in the end zone is not like us. But you know they have a great game plan and they got us today. We have nothing to be ashamed of but ourselves.

* Third conversions – they stifled you guys. What were they able to do?*

We just weren't making the plays we needed to make. I know I had one that I swore I got but they made their call and that's what they stuck with. Third downs were usually pretty good but today just wasn't our day.

* Can you talk about your first playoff action?*

It was great man. The fans were outstanding, yelling and screaming, and it was everything I dreamed about and it's going to make me work harder in the offseason to get back there next year.

* Do you know where the inconsistencies were?*

Third downs – we just weren't able to convert. We had a couple of fourth downs we were able to convert so that will kill any drive if you can't convert third down. They had a great defensive scheme, a great defensive game plan and it was just their day.

* How badly do you to come back and be a part of this?*

I'd love to be a part of this. It's not up to me. It's up to the front office people and I'm always going to be a Giant whether I am here or somewhere else. This team gave me my start and I'll always be in debt to them but it's a business and they have to make business decisions and I have to make business decisions. It's a wait and see game right now.

* Was it more of lack of execute by you guys you execution of their part today?*

It was more execution on their part. They had a tremendous game plan. They came in here twice and beat us twice so we have nothing to be down about except for not being able to hang with them pretty much and it's a tough loss, they are a great team, they showed they are one of the best teams in the NFL throughout the last five to six weeks and we take our hats off to them and hopefully they keep the Super Bowl in the NFC East.

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