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1.2 WR Steve Smith

Did you guys get a lot of work done in these past few days?

Yeah, we got some good work in. We corrected some things and went over our statistics the past five games and different opponents. We're just trying to get better.

Is there a plus to facing someone you are familiar with or a team like Atlanta?

I think so. Playing somebody we've already played, we know them. We are familiar with them and that goes for them, too. They know us so we can work on some of the things we did well in the game and correct some of the mistakes we had and if we play somebody new - it would be exciting to play a different team and have someone new come in here.

* Will you be watching the games this weekend?*

Oh yeah, I'm going to watch the games.

* Can you get anything from watching on TV?*

Not really. Kind of if I really sit there and focus on it and see what kind of coverages they are playing. I could watch the cornerback's tendencies and things like that.

* You watching more for fun than scouting though?*

Yeah definitely, I'll wait until we come here to work to do all that. I'll watch and enjoy the games.

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