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1.8 CB Terrell Thomas

Do you think your big game experience will help you?

Yes, without a doubt. I'm not a person who shies away from competition. When the lights come on I'm the person that shows up and I like being on the big stage. Who doesn't want to?

* This team has been great with rookies lately, especially last season. Do you look at that and say why can't that be me?*

No, I don't look at it that way. More than anything, I just try to contribute as much as I can and the coaches, especially with me and Kenny being two rookies that have played a lot, they have put a lot of our plates and ask us to do a lot to contribute to the defense. If our number is called, we want to be able to make those plays and if we show up like Steve Smith, Aaron Ross, and Kevin Boss did last year, then that's great.

* Veterans give you any advice?*

Not really. More than anything they have told us that it's just time to go. Everything we do now is like training camp. We're starting all over. Everything is perfect, we are running to the ball and picking it up, there is no 'We'll fix it later.' It's at a point where you have to go full throttle.

* What about the Eagles and what do you have to be most aware of?*

Honestly, it's Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. They have a lot of threats on offense but if we can contain Westbrook and do a good job of stopping the run I think we'll do a good job stopping him. As long as our offense can move the ball and our special teams are solid like they have been the past couple of weeks, then I think we'll be fine.

* Do you think they will look at you and say you're a rookie let's see what he has?*

Who knows? Coach is switching up the blitz all the time. They know it very well, we play them every year, this is our third game, Coach Spags came from their system, so we're their going to play the same defense they've been practicing against. It's not going to be anything new for them. It's going to be who wants it more and who is more physical.

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