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1.8 LB Antonio Pierce

Q:  Do you feel your team is where it needs to be leading up to this game?

A:  Yeah, we are building up day by day.  Obviously earlier in the week you just get all of the information from the coaches and you go forth from that.  But you can't get too excited in the middle of the week…..Sunday. 

Q:  Is this team on edge?

A:  We will find out Sunday.

Q:  Did the bye week help?

A:  Yeah, it was what it was.  It was a bye week.  It was time to rest, get off our feet, watch football and just see the excitement of the playoff atmosphere as far as watching the games and seeing how people reacted.

Q:  Michael Strahan said yesterday that you play better when you are doubted – have you been doubted?

A:  If you read the articles and watch TV, I think that speaks for itself.  So I would say so.

Q:  Do you agree with that assessment?

A:  I think it gives you a little bit more fire.  It motivates you a little bit more.  But come January you don't need to have anybody say anything to you because so much is on the line. 

Q:  What do you have to do to not be doubted?

A:  Are you talking about me individually?

Q:  Yeah

A:  About myself?

Q:  Yes.  When you are doubted you play better?  Does that change your answer?

A:  We will find out.

Q:  Do you ever wonder what you have to do to not be doubted?

A:  That is life.  Everybody has opinions.  That is fine, I understand that.  Some people might like me, some people might not.  I can't change that.  I have to be who I am and go about my business.  As long as I go out there and perform and do what I can do to help this team win is all that matters. 

Q:  Do you agree that the Eagles are the Giants of last year?

A:  Giants last year – in what sense, though?

Q:  You were the underdogs and you went on the road.

A:  What is today's date?

Q:  January 8, 2009

A:  I won't know anything about any team until February 1st or 2nd.  So you can't call any team – you can't be called the NY Giants of 2007, any other team can't because that team won the Super Bowl.

Q:  Where is the psyche of the team this year?

A:  Last year we didn't feel that way.  We were told we were that way so we just went ahead and listened to it.  The psyche of the team this year is a group that understands what it takes to win the championship.  We have 35 or 40 players that were on this team last year, coaching staff, front office, everybody.  They know what it takes to win the championship.  So what we have this year is experience.  And that is what we are going to use this Sunday.

Q:  Are divisional playoff games more intense when you are familiar with the opponent?

A:  Yeah, obviously.  You build a rivalry.  You have people that you don't like, dislike, matchups, everything.  You are tired of one another.  It is like training camp.  When you face each other all of the time – go against Brandon Jacobs you start to dislike him.  It is no different when you face a divisional playoff team for the third time, a divisional team for the third time, you start having even a little bit more anger and dislike for them.

Q:  I think you guys said that the Dallas game last year was the most physical game you played?  Was that true or was that because of the familiarity?

A:  That is just how the Dallas Cowboys are.  They were a physical team last, they ran the ball.  Marion Barber was very physical and healthy.  They have one of the biggest offensive lines in the League.  They don't have a six-foot running back but they have a very special back in Westbrook.

Q:  McNabb hasn't been sacked in two games against you this season. Is that upsetting for you?

A:  No.  I don't really care.  As long as we get a "W," he can have zero sacks.  We could go out there and sack him 12 times and do all of those wonderful things and have sack dances but at the end of the day we want a "W."  That is the biggest sack that you can get.

Q:  Could you have won if you had sacks?

A:  That is for every game.  A lot of games we lost, if we had sacked them better we could have won.

Q:  Why didn't you get any?

A:  Obviously if you look at their sack total for the year, they don't give up sacks to anybody.  They have one of the lowest in the League.  They do a lot of seven and eight-man protection.  They do a great job of letting McNabb just sit there and have his way as far as running two-man routes.

RE: Westbrook – is part of their game plan to try to get him one on one?

A:  We will see come Sunday.  Watch the game Sunday.

RE:  Difference in McNabb after the benching?

A:  I think everybody is talking about a chip on his shoulders, I think that guy is playing with one.  There is a guy who has a Hall of Fame career as far as credentials and what he has done in the NFL – he hasn't won a Super Bowl but he has done everything else.  He has led that city and that team to numerous conference games, divisional wins.  So I think when you see him get benched he just came back with a little bit more motivation.  I think he has been on fire ever since he got benched that second half.

Q:  Were you surprised by their commitment to the run in your last game?

A: It was the way it was. It was a windy day.  Their defense was playing pretty well.  They controlled our offense and they did a great job managing the clock.  And I think once they had a couple of runs where they felt successful, they stayed with it; smart on their part.

Q:  Have you spoken to Derrick Ward and Mathias Kiwanuka about the playoffs?

A:  You throw a little something in their ear.  You let them know that this is the biggest time of the season.  You can talk about September, December, Super Bowl. But right now this game is one of the most important games.  And for those guys who have never played in a divisional game it is exciting.  I remember last year, obviously the Cowboy game.  It was just – it was one of those feelings and just a different energy level.  Obviously the playoffs overall definitely, but this game this week is going to mean a lot to those guys because they missed last year.

Q:  Could you talk about your feeling on game day?

A:  You get butterflies every game.  I do.  I'm nervous because you never want to fail.  Most athletes are scared of failure and going out there and not performing well.  So you have that all week and once you go out and get your first hit and you are hit for the first time or you hit somebody it goes out the window.  Now it is time to play football because you know what is at stake and what is going on.

Q:  Does Coach Spagnuolo have any special insight on their team?

A:  Nothing is irrelevant at this point.  You take all of the information you get.  Obviously Spags was there for 8-10 years.  He has a lot of insights on a lot of players and different techniques and matchups.  So you take all of the information and use it. But obviously after playing this team now for eight years, twice a year, almost 20 games, we have met in playoffs and everything else, so we know them well.  But at the same time it doesn't matter how well you know them, it is how well you go out there and perform.

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