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1.8 T David Diehl

How different is it going into the playoffs in this kind of game this year as opposed to last year?

Obviously this is a different year and it is a different setting.  Last year we were on the road for all the games and this year we are at home.  Last year we didn't have the bye the first week, but last year we had our bye week during the middle of the season.  I think that was something that this year we earned and we worked for, to have that bye in the first round and get everybody back, get everybody healthy, and get everybody on the same page.  I know that it is a different momentum, it is a different thing, and people might say that last year we had the momentum from the last game rolling into the season and we used last week to give ourselves an advantage.  We already started up on the teams, started game planning a little bit more, and I think the main thing is the momentum that we are going to have is we are going to be at full strength.  I mean what kind of momentum do you need and what kind of intensity do you need to play this game?  Nobody has to feed it to you.  We understand what this game is all about.  We understand about playing at home and the intensity of not only playing at home and getting our crowd into it but playing a division rival, playing the Eagles.  We all know what type of game this is going to be.  It is going to be a smash mouth game, it is going to be a four quarter fight, and it is going to take everybody laying it all on the line each and every play until the whistle blows until the game is over because that is what it is going to take to win.  We know what it is like to play this team and how close each and every game is.  It is usually the team who has the ball last is the team that is going to win.  They are all close games.  Whether it be going into the fourth quarter, teams playing to the whistle, and the team scoring the last points or in overtime the team that puts up the points early and wins the game.  We are excited; we are excited about this opportunity.  We are preparing extremely hard.  We know that they are going to come in with a lot of energy, with a lot of excitement and we are going to have to match that intensity and bring it even harder because that is what it is going to take and that is what it takes in playoff games. 

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