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2.21 Giants visit City Hall

New York - Rich Seubert and Michael Mathews made a trip to City Hall for the second time in eight days last Tuesday. The crowd wasn't quite as big as the one at the victory parade, but the cause was. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino made a wager before the Super Bowl in which the losing city would make a sizable food donation to the winning one. Rich and Michael were brought in to help settle the bet, and deliver the donated food.

"Especially being back here at City Hall and meeting Michael Bloomberg again, it's just been a great experience and any time you give back is definitely a good thing." Matthews said.

The Giants also got to meet with Mayor Menino, who sent the donated food down from Boston. The Giants' victory served as another chapter in the Boston-New York City rivalry, which had favored Beantown since 2004.

"This is one for New York." Seubert said, "And the Yankees will get back on the right track this year."

The food will be delivered by City Harvest to charities throughout the five boroughs, including Neighbors Together in Brooklyn, Love Gospel Kitchen in the Bronx, Broadway Community in Harlem, Bethany Baptist Church in Queens and Stapleton UAME Church in Staten Island.

The food included 42 pounds of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee to signify SB XLII and twelve pastries and rolls for Tom Brady's uniform number.

"You know, it is awesome whenever you can help out the community and give back," said Seubert. "We got some food here for the kids in town, so it's good and puts some smiles on people's faces."

A donation of 2008 footballs, to signify the year of the game, was also made that will be distributed to after-school programs throughout the city.

"It is a good cause." Michael Matthews said. "We got to do something that will help out the community."

The mere thrill of being back at City Hall was special for the two Giants as well, bringing back memories of the victory parade down the Canyon of Heroes only a week earlier. They were happy to be able to use their Super Bowl win as a way to help those in need.

"It's great, the first time we came back it was for a celebration, and now we're back to help out the community and distribute food around the city. It's great and it's fun." Seubert said.

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