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20 Questions in 20 Days: Biggest question mark

What is the biggest question mark heading into this year's training camp?

JOHN SCHMEELK: This one to me is easy: the linebackers. Who will start at linebacker this year for the Giants is perhaps the most difficult one I got this offseason. I just don't know and it appears the coaching doesn't either with every spot up for grabs.

DAN SALOMONE: I was trying to outsmart this one, but there's no way around it – it's the linebackers. It's one of the most unique position competitions because there are no true incumbents, and the group is essentially made up of either first-round draft picks or players who weren't drafted at all. Given the Giants struggles on defense last year and the team's history at the position, it will continue to be the headline until we get into the regular season. 20 QUESTIONS IN 20 DAYS ARCHIVE
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