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20 Questions in 20 Days: Memorable Moments

What is your most memorable moment at training camp since you've been covering the team?JOHN SCHMEELK: Most of my memorable moments come from the stuff that happens off the field with the people I work with that I can't write about here. There's a camaraderie that is built when you are away at training camp every season and you have some pretty unique experiences with the people you work with away from the office that you normally wouldn't have. Watching practice is great, but eventually most of them just end up blending together.

DAN SALOMONE: If you remember, Jerry Reese held a press conference in the middle of training camp heading into the 2011 season. At the time, the Giants were under a lot of scrutiny for, seemingly, not making any moves during the offseason. Steve Smith had just signed with Philadelphia while the whole Plaxico Burress story of returning to the NFL was going on. But the Giants general manager, without any questions to lead off, spoke for more than six minutes (with 1,119 words, found here: CLICK HERE) about "sticking to a game plan" and basically went line by line down the entire roster. Then he took questions, ending with the quote, "We'll make the plays this time and we'll get into the playoffs and we'll make a run." Twenty games later, they were winning Super Bowl XLVI.

Question 3: Win the division
Question 4: Biggest impact Free Agent
Question 5: Late Round Rookies
Question 6: Second Year Success Stories
Question 7: 2013 Home Record
Question 8: Sacks vs. INTs
Question 9: Starting Linebackers
Question 10: Turnover battle
Question 11: Team Captains
Question 12: Running back stats
Question 13: TE Myers' role?
Question 14: Thomas' position in '13
Question 15: Who will be 3rd safety?
Question 16: Debating touchdown totals
Question 17: Two kickers on roster?
Question 18: More 3-WR sets in 2013?
Question 19: Toughest Opponent in 2013?
Question 20: Best Position Camp Battle?

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