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20 Questions in 20 Days: Sacks vs. INTs

What is more likely to happen: Justin Tuck records double-digit sacks or Corey Webster has 5 interceptions?




MICHAEL EISEN: I think both are possibilities, but I'll go with Tuck. If Webster rebound from his subpar 2012 season, opposing quarterbacks will try to avoid him by throwing to stop the other side. But they can't avoid Tuck. He has worked hard this offseason and is poised to have a big season.

JOHN SCHMEELK: I think both players have bounce back seasons, but it is more likely that Corey Webster has five or more interceptions. I could see Justin Tuck finishing with eight sacks, but getting to ten could be tough. Webster is good going after the ball in the air, and he has a decent chance at getting five interceptions.

DAN SALOMONE: Both are in similar boats this season as longtime Giants looking to get back to the top of the mountain individually and as a unit. I'll go with Webster on this one. Yes, he's done it only once in his career, but last season wasn't up to his standards and he still grabbed four interceptions. Tuck would have to more than double his output to get to 10. 20 QUESTIONS IN 20 DAYS ARCHIVE
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