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4.26 WR Ramses Barden Conf. Call

Q: We knew the Giants needed size at the receiver position. You came in for a visit. You were rumored to be a target. Are you surprised at all with this one?

A: This process, you never really know. You hear all the time about somebody jumping up to snatch somebody who you didn't expect them to get. Teams just really come out of the blue. There are no surprises by this. I did have a great time out in New York. I'd like to think that I made a little bit of an impression on the coaching staff and the personnel. I'm ecstatic to be a part of the team. I wouldn't say that I'm excited. If anything, I'm just thrilled.

Q: How do you describe yourself? Do you describe yourself as more of a goal line guy or a down the field guy?

A: I'm a complete receiver. That's my goal all the time, to be able to do everything you would ask a receiver to do whether it be down the field, immediate, short game, quick drops, run blocking, leadership. Those are the things that I want to bring to the table. The _ ability is the completeness of the receiver. Of course seeing that it's a major jump from college level to the NFL, there's plenty to work from. As far as my goals and where I want to be, I want to be that complete receiver.

Q: Like running that fade?

A: Definitely. If that's what's needed, I want to bring down those balls __. I want to help us score and move the chains.

Q: What do you think about the opportunity here? Obviously the two starting receivers from last year, Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer, are gone. So there is a pretty big chance to make an immediate impact.

A: I'm excited about it. There are a number of veteran guys that are already there who have a leg up. I want to go in and compete. I want to make whatever you think I can make. I won't know what my opportunities are really until I get to the city, get into a practice uniform, and start working. I can't wait to compete and try to earn the job. That's what it's going to have to be. It's going to be earned. Nobody is going to give me anything.

Q: A lot of times we hear that rookie receivers have a tough time making it right away in the NFL because of the press coverage and the physicality of the league. Given your size, do you believe you'll have an easier time overcoming that than most?

A: I don't know if it will be any easier. I'll have to put the same work in and I'll have to really earn everything that I get. I think my size will give me an advantage in getting off the line of scrimmage, competing for the ball, and with this game being physical, when the ball is in the air, enabling me to make plays. It's going to take work. Nothing is really going to come naturally in the next level.

Q: You played on the I-AA level, but you had that big game against Wisconsin. Did that give you the idea that, hey, I can play with the big boys, too?
A: I guess you could say it was part of it, but I've always had a lot of confidence in my ability and I've always really gotten excited to challenge myself and go against higher levels of competition and just challenge and test consistently. That's what that game was. It was another opportunity to win a game, put another W in the column, and go againts the top level of competition, and have fun doing it. You're playing the game that you love. You always have fun playing. It was an opportunity to test myself at a national stage. I enjoyed it. It just helped me prepare myself for this more recent process of the pre-draft training and the pre-draft combine and all of that stuff.

Q: We saw your highlight video on YouTube and it just seemed like it was fade after fade. Was that part of the game plan, just once you got down there, throw it up to Ramses?

A: It was well put together. It was kind of a last minute thing just to give the everyday fan and everyday person an opportunity to see where I'm coming from and see who I am and what kind of player I am. I think that's only the tip of the ice berg as far as my ability and the things that I can do. Like I said, things are going to take work. The fade was in our offense for a number of years when I got there. We still use it today. I like to think we added more variety over the years. You can't go wrong when you've got certain red zone threats and you just have to take advantage of them.

Q: Did you hit it off with Mike Sullivan, the receivers coach?

A: I like to think so. We got a chance to sit down a couple of times, most recently in New York last week. I really enjoyed his company. I liked his approach to the game. He was a really intelligent person. It seemed like he was really dedicated to bringing in young guys and making them better. I really liked that a lot. Of course that doesn't make him necessarily like him just because I like him. But, I'd like to think that the feelings are mutual and I was able to have similar effect on him.

Q: Knowing the guy the Giants got rid of, did they ask you about any off the field issues that were a concern?

A: Every team I ever talked to asked if there are any off the field issues that were concerns. But, no, I've never been in trouble. I've never been suspended from the team. I've never been arrested or anything like that. I'm fairly clean cut off the field. I have moderate fun with my friends and that's it, most of which is in house and definitely out of trouble.

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