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5.17 Mailbag for May 17th

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Hello Mike:

I am a longtime Giants fan. First, I would like to say I appreciate all the info you dish out to all the fans. My question is with all the talk of Hixon, Smith, Manningham, Moss, Nicks and Barden, nobody is asking about David Tyree and his role this year. Where does he fit into the offense this year ? And also I was curious if LB Gerris Wilkinson is healthy at this point going into camp? you would think that Wilkinson and Moss are at the point where they have to impress this camp.

Dear Bill:

You are correct – David Tyree is frequently overlooked in discussions regarding the Giants receivers. And I'm as guilty as anyone. But barring an injury, I think he will have a difficult time breaking into the receiver rotation this season. Too many young, fast and talented receivers are ahead of him. But Tyree can still carve an important niche for himself on this team. Few players are as productive on special teams. If he makes the roster on that basis, he might get the chance to contribute at receiver. Gerris Wilkinson is healthy. And I would think this will be a big training camp for Moss and him.

Dear Michael,

Which wide receiver has the best chance of being first on the depth chart? Second? Third? I'd say that it is a tough decision.

Dear Calvin:

Kevin Gilbride said this week that Steve Smith and Domenik Hixon will be the starters when the team begins its organized team activities (OTAs) and in the June minicamp. The jobs are up for grabs, but they would be the current favorites. As for how the depth chart lines up behind them – that will be determined in training camp. But the coaches certainly want to look at Mario Manningham, and Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden will get long looks.

Listened to Sheridan the new DC. I like what he says but I am VERY concerned about him being in the booth during games. No player input big mistake! please stay on the field send someone else up there !

Dear Jim:

Why do you think he won't get any input from the players? Nothing could be further from the truth. The players will communicate with the players on the sideline, who will then talk to Sheridan. Or when the defense comes off the field, he can talk to Antonio Pierce, Michael Johnson or whoever else he needs to convey a message to. Sheridan's presence in the booth absolutely will not impede communication between the players and him.

The year the gmen won the superbowl, they played New England full force,(last game of the season) setting the championship in motion. Last year they took the conservative approach resting players with the bye week coming following Tampa's formula the superbowl season and exited as quickly. (which still baffled me). I'm still thrilled about the championship season and it's hard to critisize their logic. Your thoughts. Jim

Dear Jim:

I think the two situations were vastly different. In 2007, the team probably had its own doubts about how far it could go in the playoffs. The Giants needed a strong showing against an undefeated New England team to generate some momentum for the playoffs – and that's exactly what happened. One reason, of course, was that the Giants were healthy. There was no reason to rest anyone simply for the sake of resting them. Last year, several players were nursing injuries. With the top seed clinched, the Giants could afford to rest players like Brandon Jacobs (knee), Kevin Boss (concussion), Aaron Ross (concussion) and Barry Cofield (knee). Despite their absences, it took a 50-yard field goal on the game's final play to defeat the Giants. I don't think that defeat had anything to do with the postseason loss to Philadelphia two weeks later.


You have said repeatedly on Giants Insight that Jerry Reese has said we are a power running football team. With that being said, do you then think it makes sense to pay Eli a top 5 QB contract? The other QBs making that kind of money are all asked to be the focal point for their team (Brady, P. Manning, Romo), where as our rushing attack is our focal point. So why pay Eli top QB money?

Dear Shai:

Interesting question. The Giants are a run-oriented team, but with very few exceptions, NFL teams don't win championships without top quarterbacks. In addition to their passing skills, quarterbacks provide essential leadership and intangibles to any team. Look at how Manning led the Giants down the field on the game-winning drive in the Super Bowl. The good quarterbacks are invaluable, no matter what kind of offense their team runs.

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