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5.6 Breakfast Matters!

NEW YORK - Brandon Jacobs is used to getting up early for workouts and practice, but one morning this offseason he used his time a little bit differently.

Click the photo above to watch highlights from the ADADC progam with RB Jacobs.

Brandon paid a visit to over 100 students at George Washington High School in upper Manhattan and stressed the importance of a good breakfast, exercise and nutrition.

"Breakfast is a big part of it. You should have the most dairy that you have all day long. If I don't eat breakfast my practices just don't go well. It's important for me to eat breakfast. It's fuel for me to go out and perform well."

The event centered around an ADADC (American Dairy Association) program, which provided free breakfast to schools across the city. George Washington High School had one of the program's best attendance rates, so they were chosen to host the event. The program provided milk, and a number of other food and beverage choices not normally available to students.

Members of the George Washington High School football team were on hand, and they peppered Brandon with questions about the Giants and their run to the Super Bowl as they ate breakfast together. Happy to talk about football, Brandon also spoke about some life lessons and other things he has learned on his way to the NFL.

"Stay in school, get your grades, and listen to your teachers. In the long run it's going to pay off. No matter what you want to do, be a doctor or a lawyer, just stay in school and stay out of trouble."

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