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5 things fans need to know about Pat Shurmur


*Giants new head coach Pat Shurmur answered fan questions in a Facebook Live Q&A: *

Following his introductory press conference as the 18th head coach in Giants franchise history, Pat Shurmur sat down with the voice of the Giants, Bob Papa, for a Facebook Live Q&A with fans.

Pat Shurmur on why the Giants were the right fit.

Shurmur: When we started talking, obviously with Dave [Gettleman] and Kevin Abrams and John Mara, I think we had a connection in terms of the roster. Dave and I kind of connected with it's important to build the offensive line. We started to talk about how we do business, how the Giants do business and what I believe in philosophically, and it seemed to be a match.

Pat Shurmur on his offensive philosophy, scheme and style.

Shurmur: Early in my career, I was certainly most impressed by defensive coaches, my uncle [Fritz Shurmur]; when I went to Philadelphia, Jim Johnson; my college coach George Perles; and then most recently Mike Zimmer. So I understand how important it is to run the football and how you have to do it not only for your offense but for your team. My West Coast offense was like graduate school when I was with Andy [Reid] the first time. So I understood then how important it was to have the quarterback trained the right way. Then you go off on your own and you do things and you pick up ideas and you work with guys. Then second-most recently I was in Philadelphia with Chip [Kelly], so how to play with tempo and how that strategically can help your offense. When I went to Minnesota with Norv [Turner] the first year, kind of the three-digit type system. So I like to think I've taken the best of all that information and made it my own. You know we really become a combination of what we believe and what we experience and in my career, I've experienced a lot of really good things that hopefully we can bring here and be great.

Pat Shurmur on Eli Manning.

Shurmur: I think he's got good years left. I've always admired the way he's played. I like his calm demeanor, quite frankly. I'm looking forward to working with him. I saw him throw this summer in person. He looked fit. I walked away this summer saying he's going to have a terrific year. Now, we all know there's certain things that happen around the quarterback that contribute to some of the things that happen. But I'm looking forward to working with Eli.

Pat Shurmur on the potential of the Giants offense with its current personnel.

Shurmur: I'm thrilled about some of the pieces that we have in place. I was with Rhett [Ellison] in Minnesota. If there's any player in this league that embodies what a good teammate should be, it's Rhett. So we have the perfect example on our roster already. So for the guys that are on our roster that weren't watching him, it's time to start watching him. For the new guys that we bring in, that's your example. To your point, we have a lot of really good football players. Now it's important to put together a really good team.

Pat Shurmur on the type of players he wants to wear the Giants uniform.

Shurmur: I want to first bring in 90 guys that love to play football. Certainly they'll have the height, weight and speed that we're looking for by position, but we need to find guys that love to play the game. This is the greatest game in the world, and to be able to play it is a privilege and it's a double privilege to be able to do it here with the Giants. Then we'll whittle it down to the best 53. So I want tough, competitive guys that are smart, that aren't slow blinkers, that can make a decision and go after it. If you're a blocker, be a good blocker. If you're a receiver, catch the ball. If you're on defense, defeat the block, chase the ball, and tackle the ball carrier. We're going to try to keep that part of it, keep it simple to some degree, but it starts with having guys on your roster that love to play the game.

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