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6.1 Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  How pleased were you with the attendance today?

A:  It was excellent; excellent.  The effort, the enthusiasm, guys played smart; they stayed up, did all of the things you wanted them to do.  They were glad to be out here.  We have had a couple of days inside and we are glad to be out on the grass.  The grass is in great shape.  The guys had real good enthusiasm.  We spoke about keeping that enthusiasm up.  But the effort was good.  We didn't like the ball being on the ground with the center/quarterback exchange.  You start moving people around, you start changing the front on them, those kinds of things start to happen.  We have to do a better job of that.  I'll take responsibility for that today.  But the young guys – the young guys you can see it – it sticks out like a sore thumb when they don't know what they are doing. And that is what this is for.  This is the simplest day you are going to get so we shouldn't have any of those problems.  Moving on now it is going to be a little tougher.  Each day you add more and you continue with what you have had.  So it will be interesting.  Sorry to see Sintim pull a hamstring. That is not going to help him or us. 

Q:  Do they know if that is severe or not?

A:  I don't know.  He is out there with an ice pack on his leg.  That is all that I need to know.

RE:  Michael Boley

A:  Boley had a little hip flexor.  They are holding him.

Q:  How about Corey Webster?

A:  I didn't see him.  He is not on the list.


A:  Rotating him around, I would say.  There is no reason for it.  Unless they didn't get to me.

Q:  Robbins and Cofield were limited.  How are they coming along?  They seemed to be just doing individuals.

A:  That is all they are going to do.  They are not going to do anything this spring.

Q: Are they coming along okay, though, in their rehabs?

A:  I think Cofield did a nice job.  You see him on the side with his running.  He looks to be doing well. Fred is going to be a little slower.

Q:  Is it more of a training camp thing for those two guys?

A:  Probably.  We will see.  We have some stages to go through here –this is only our third (OTA).  We do have the mandatory mini camp but we have plenty of guys around if we don't have to, we are not going to take any chances there.  Hopefully we will have them for camp.

Q:  The only guy missing today was Lawrence Tynes?

A:  Yeah, he has a charity golf tournament that he is the host for.  So he gave me notice well in advance that he would have this day to spend with that.

Q:  In the past there have been some high profile guys that chose to work out elsewhere.  The fact that you don't have that now, you have 100% attendance.  Does that just help with the mental health of everybody?

A:  Oh I think definitely it does.  It sends the right message.  It tells everybody that every guy is here for the same reason and trying to help our team be as good as it can be.  It is very difficult to get that done when we are not here.  Guys are here working.  You have the older guys sharing with the younger guys.  You have that natural process. And obviously you are trying to create the team concept with everything that you do.  And to have everyone here certainly helps escalate that. 

Q:  Over the next few weeks what would you like to see in terms of the chemistry develop between Eli Manning and his receiving corps?

A:  Well, you would like to see that work but I would like to see it all over – not just that.  I think obviously what we are out here for is to try to develop that trust and that feeling of people knowing where they are supposed to be and reacting properly as they make all of the necessary adjustments – the quarterback developing confidence in the receiver, get the young guys on track, continue to develop the guys that have been here.  We saw Manningham have a couple of nice plays this morning – continue to bring him along.  The interesting thing about all of that is, as we said earlier, you would like to have them maintain this kind of anxiousness, this kind of enthusiasm, this kind of real focus on a daily basis and leading up to the mandatory mini camp.

Q:  Since the rookie mini camp, have you seen some of the "deer in headlights" looks diminish?

A:  You can't tell in a rookie camp.  It is all rookies.  I don't see much of that, though.  I don't see much of that.  I see some guys that didn't know exactly what they were supposed to be doing and that is where they have to settle in and realize that is how their contribution will be made.  It is very difficult to show what you can do if you don't know what you are doing.

Q:  Just because he is a local guy for us, you signed Kelvin Smith out of the rookie camp and what did you see?

A:  Well we had a number and we were looking for a guy who made the biggest impression and he did.

Q:  Has he done okay as far as ….?

A:  He has done all right.  He has certainly been very conscientious in everything that he has been asked to do in the weight room, meeting rooms.

Q:  Is it frustrating for you to look out your window at the practice field and know you can't use it?

A:  No, not really, not really.  I like the look – the nice green grass.  Something I have never seen out my window.  We know we are going to be on there.  I think right now is a critical time, we don't want to mess it up.  If we did that, we would tear it up.  We were just laughing this morning when we were stretching.  I remember the year – and you guys remember it too, the year we came back from camp a couple of years ago and the place was a weed patch.  It is a lot different right now.  It is very nice, very nice.  But that is why we are trying to stay off the other one.  And I'm telling you, I have seen – these guys working that field are doing an unbelievable job.    Did anybody know you are supposed to cut the grass every day? They are out there every day.  They cut the grass every day. 

Q:  Attitude level adjustment for being in the new facility?  Do you see the guys getting a little more excited about moving in there?

A:  Oh, now do you not.  You come in, it is new and everybody is excited about it.  People are still wandering around trying to figure out exactly --- sometimes I come down stairs and take a wrong turn and I can't figure out where I am.  But no, it is really, really a nice facility and we are very thankful to be here.

Q:  What kind of offseason is Danny Ware having?

A:  He has done well.  He has worked very hard.  He has gotten himself in very good shape.  He has his weight down a little bit.  He knows what he wants to do.  He seems to have put a lot of those 'lack of focus' ideas and thoughts behind him and he knows every day what he is trying to accomplish.  He sees what the opportunity is for him.  It is very real for him and I think he has responded to it.

Q:  How close are your No. 2 and No. 3 spots at running back on the depth chart?

A:  Don't ask me any depth chart questions on the third OTA day.  Everybody is running around, we are trying to get everybody the same number of snaps.

Q:  If a guy is late for a meeting and says, "Coach I was wandering around the building,"  would you be pretty understanding?

A:  No.  That won't fly.

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